Destiny 2 Prophecy Dungeon Guide – How to Complete Every Encounter

The newest dungeon for Destiny 2 has officially arrived, to everyone’s surprise. Available right now, and free to all players, the Prophecy dungeon is accessible via The Tower. While it’s set at 1040 suggested Power, you’ll eventually come up against foes at 1060 near the end of the activity. Broken up across several encounters, this dungeon can be quite challenging, so we suggest you go into this activity at an absolute minimum of 1040. While you certainly can be it at a lower Light level, it’ll prove to be quite difficult.

Here’s how to beat every encounter in the new Prophecy dungeon:

Destiny 2 Prophecy Dungeon

Opening The Doors

The first step of the Prophecy dungeon is to open up two doors that are blocking your path. When you arrive, you will be attacked by Taken Thrall and orange bar Taken Knights called Echos. By the first door, you’ll also find two columns that have either Dark (black) energy our Light (white) energy radiating from them. Your goal is to collect enough motes of the corresponding type so you can deposit them and open the door.

To get motes, kill the Knight Echos roaming along the left pathway. Slaying a Knight Echo while you are literally in the light will cause this enemy to drop Light Motes while finishing it off in the dark produces Dark Motes. You can tell if you’re in the Light or Darkness by the effects appearing on the corners of your HUD. Each Knight Echo will drop three motes, but you only need five to be shifted into third person and visualized carrying a mote.

Once in third person, return to where the columns of Light and Dark energy are to deposit the motes. You do this by pressing the Right Trigger (console)/Left Mouse (PC) to expel the motes the cleanse that energy. If you’re carrying Dark Motes, go to the Dark energy and vice versa with Light Motes. After both columns are cleared, the door will open, and you will need to repeat this process one more time to complete the opening encounter.

Kill the Phalanx Echo

Welcome to your first real encounter in Prophecy. Taking the mechanic of depositing Light and Dark motes from the starting section, you will need to expel two Dark and Light columns of energy. This is done exactly the same way as before, by killing Knight Echos in either the light or darkness. Anything that’s brightly illuminated is considered the light, while the shadows are viewed as darkness.

You will need to collect five motes to gain the ability to dispel this column of energy, so coordinate with your team on whether you’re going for Dark or Light Motes first. Once you deposit the motes into the energy, the panels around the arena will shift, changing what is in the light and what is in the darkness. After you have dispersed the four columns of Light and Dark energy the boss’ shield will lower and you can damage him.

I recommend using a Titan bubble or Warlock Well of Radiance to keep your team alive and provide a needed boost in damage. This fight will be in close quarters, so weapons like Xenophage, shotguns, grenade launchers, and the Falling Guillotine sword are great for hurting the Phalanx. Given that the boss often covers its body with a large shield, snipers can be a little tricky. After your damage phase is over, you will need to repeat the process of gathering motes and dispelling the columns to lower its shield.

The arena is very small, so equip hard-hitting weapons like shotguns or fusion rifles. These are great for burst damaging the knights, allowing you to quickly kill them and gather the motes.

The Desert

After you kill the Phalanx, you will find yourself in a large desert filled with Taken enemies. Take your Sparrow and begin searching for a pin — a glowing energy ring that’s surrounded by Taken Blights. When you see the blights, have your team go to this location and expel the Taken from this area. This will cause Toland (a white ball of energy) to appear above the pink ring and head off in a different direction. Go the same direction that Toland went and repeat the process of killing the Taken enemies and blights. Once you do this a few times you’ll see a column of energy that will taker you to the next encounter.

Destiny 2 Prophecy Dungeon

Solving The Cube

Here’s where Prophecy gets absolutely bonkers.

Not only will you be using the same Dark and Light Mote mechanic we have been doing since the start of the raid, but you’ll be running along the walls of this cube. The basic overview of this encounter is you’re tasked with dispersing column of Light and Dark energy around the six sides of the arena. Unlike the previous rooms, you will only want to dunk the motes on the column of energy that Toland is hovering over. Toland likes to hang out a few meters above one of these columns.

Once you plant either the Dark or Light Motes in the proper column, you’ll see the center of the arena light up. Have all three team members stand in this section to warp to where Toland was hovering. Your entire orientation of the arena will change, as you will now be running on what was previously the wall Toland was at. Essentially you are working your way around the cube, cleansing each side of the specific Light or Dark energy that Toland designates by hovering above.

On the rare occasion that Toland is above you, expel the energy in a column along the wall to activate the lift in the center. Whichever column you deposit five motes into will let you transport to it from the center. So if I need to get to the right wall and it’s Dark energy, I will collect five Dark Motes and deposit it on the right wall’s column. This will let me travel through the cube to turn that right wall into my new floor. This means, to reach Toland above, you will need to move twice to complete that side.

After all six sides of the cube are cleansed, you’ll be warped to another arena where two Taken mini-bosses will spawn. These guys are actually pretty easy to take down if you have a Well of Radiance of Bubble, so lay into them with your hardest hitting weapon. Once you get the movement down for this encounter, it’s actually quite easy, just make sure to kill the Taken Hobgoblins above you as they’re the biggest threat in the room.

The Desert Part 2 and Rainbow Road

After you collect your loot, you will end up back in the desert area. Hop in your Sparrow and loot for a Taken Captain that’s just chilling. Shoot him a few times to cause him to warp away and then pop back onto your speeder and head to where he is next. You are just chasing him throughout the desert until he leads you to a new area where you’ll need to drive your Sparrow.

Once you arrive at what the community calls Rainbow Road, use your Sparrow to follow the wild, twisted path until you are unable to actually progress. Hop off your Sparrow and use the platforms on the left to jump down until you reach a section with a bunch of Taken by a lift that will transport you to the final encounter. If you hate fun and don’t want to ride your Sparrow, there are platforms all throughout Rainbow Road that you can jump on to descend through this section.

Kill the Kell Echo

Getting to the Damage Phase

When the encounter starts, the Kell Echo will spawn in all three corners of the triangle-shaped area along with some other Taken and Knight Echos. In front of the boss will either be a column of Light or Dark energy that you need to get rid of. So, just like in the rest of the encounters, kill the Knight Echos in either the light or darkness to produce that type of mote.

Collect five of the corresponding motes and deposit them in front of the column of energy near one of the three Kell Echos. This will cause him to vanish, leaving behind a Taken Ogre for you to kill. Once the Ogre is dead, repeat this process two more times until all three sides are clear of Kell Echos. After all of them are gone, go to the center and stand in the column of purple energy that spawns to be warped to the damage phase.

Damage Phase

When you arrive, you’ll find yourself in a very long room with a bunch of floating platforms and the boss in front of you. You can now hurt the boss, however, he will continue to warp down the length of the hall along the middle floating platforms. Additionally, you will begin to build up stacks of a debuff called Dark Entropy, which will kill you when it reaches x10. To remove stacks of Dark Entropy you need to be close to the boss which is roughly any platform adjacent to the one he’s standing on.

Be careful, as the Kell Echo will throw out a massive blinding shroud that actually warps you back to the start of the hallway. This can be extremely deadly if you have a lot of stacks of Dark Entropy since you’ll need to rush back to where he’s standing to remove the debuff. I strongly recommend using Anarchy if you have it since it lets you keep on the move while pouring on damage. Grenade launchers and Xenophage are also good for this encounter, especially if you are debuffing the boss with something like Tractor Cannon or Divinity.

Keep in mind, you will also have to deal with Taken Hobgoblins, so make sure to kill them — otherwise they may snipe you out of the air. After your damage phase is over, you will return to the arena, only on a different wall (which is now your floor) and start the encounter over again. Keep repeating the process of cleansing columns of energy to get rid of the three Kell Echos until you can go to the damage phase again.

After the Kell Echo is defeated you will have successfully completed the Prophecy Dungeon!