Destiny 2 Phyllotactic Spiral Deepsight Guide – Phyllotactic Spiral Pattern Farm

Want to craft a god roll? Let us help!

The new weapons in Destiny 2: Lightfall may not have all new models, but they have new looks, and an exclusive perk pool, some of which can be particularly appealing to Strand players. If you want specific perks and don’t want to rely on random drops, you’re going to need to unlock the gun’s pattern which requires farming some Deepsight Resonance frames. Getting those isn’t exactly easy to do without some thought, so we’ve put together a guide for all of your Destiny 2 Phyllotactic Spiral Deepsight farming needs.

How to Get Phyllotactic Spiral Deepsight Patterns

To unlock the Phyllotactic Spiral pattern, you need to earn and complete five Deepsight Resonance versions of this pulse rifle. For the unfamiliar, these are weapons that drop with a red border around them. Keep in mind that you no longer have to equip and level up the weapon to extract pattern progress. If you want the roll, just extract the Deepsight. If you don’t want it, simply dismantle the weapon and the Deepsight will progress.

There are a couple of methods for obtaining these patterns. Before we get into the most efficient, here’s a quick breakdown of every way we currently know about to earn a Phyllotactic Spiral Deepsight in Destiny 2:

  • Lightfall engrams from Nimbus after maxing out their reputation.
  • Terminal Overload chest grinding.
  • Heroic Patrols on Neomuna.

Currently, there are three major ways to get Deepsight patterns for the Neomuna firearms. The first is by simply playing Terminal Overload and opening the chests at the end. These always have a chance to grant a Deepsight weapon from Lightfall. You can increase your odds by grinding Nimbus’ reputation to the max. Doing so will make every engram you receive from them into a Neomuna weapon rather than a piece of armor. Unfortunately, you cannot focus on any specific weapons so you are a bit reliant on the grind.

According to community reports, there’s also a chance for them to drop from Heroic Patrols. These are the yellow/gold patrols that usually pop up after doing three to four regular patrols. If you want to do something different than Terminal Overload, this appears to be one option for you. They are a little more involved and will always drop a Neomuna world weapon, even if it’s not a Deepsight variant. Always keep an eye out for one as they are one of the best ways to quickly get one of these new weapons.

Of the three methods, I recommend doing Terminal Overload and farming Nimbus reputation. These will help you in the long run and make it easier to get Deepsight versions of the Lightfall weapons going forward. Especially since you can open the chest multiple times thanks to a new exploit which you can read about here. Remember, it’s the first week so there’s no need to really burn yourself out trying to get the pattern for this pulse rifle right away.