Destiny 2 Pest Control Guide – How to Unlock Bad Juju and The Other Side Mission

That sound you hear is us yelling in excitement. With this year’s Moments of Triumph event, Bad Juju has made its return in Destiny 2. To get it, at least for now, you’ll need to complete a quest called Pest Control which can be started in the all-new Tribute Hall.

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Bad Juju Exotic Quest Steps

We don’t know if Bad Juju will be added to the exotic engram loot pool after the event, so get it now while the Moments of Triumph event is still live!

1. Open the Chest Next to Werner-99 on Nessus

Head on over to Werner-99 on Nessus and pay the 5,000 Glimmer tithe to open the chest next to him. It will instruct you to go to the Tribute Hall on the Leviathan.

2. Visit the Visage of Calus on the Leviathan

Interact with the Visage of Calus to get a bounty from it. There are currently four different bounties available. Any of them will suffice. You just need to complete one. Weapon of Choice is the most obvious since all you need to do is defeat 50 enemies without dying.

Here you’ll also be able to see that you need 45 Tributes Placed to get the Bad Juju Catalyst.

3. Fill the Tribute Hall with 14 Tribute Statues

Now comes the hard part. There are a few ways to get Tribute hall statues. You may already have some from completing certain triumphs from this year’s event. You can also purchase additional statues from the Visage of Calus using planetary resources and legendary shards.

There are five tributes tied to each enemy race, sans the Taken, and even more tied to the different ammo types, guardian related items like ghosts, sparrows, and more. In short, this is a huge resource sink.

If you’ve been saving up, good news! You can buy you’re way through this quite easily. Though it sounds like there aren’t enough tribute statues available for purchase to get the Juju’s Catalyst. For that, you’ll also need some triumphs.

There are four special quest steps that will progress as you get nearer and nearer to the 14 tribute statues you need. At these stages you’ll get special Warbeast statues that are placed around the chest that contains Bad Juju. Once all four are placed, you’ll get the final step.

4. Complete The Other Side Mission

Like with many other exotic weapons, it’s time to prove your mettle with a new mission. Once you’ve completed all of the previous steps, head back to the chest in the Tribute Hall. Now that all four Warbeasts have been placed, interacting with it will open a Taken rift that sends you to the Leviathan. But this time it’s an Ascendant Plane version of the ship.

Thankfully, it’s only a 350 light level quest called The Other Side, so you should be easily able to solo it.

Finish it and Bad Juju is yours!

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