Destiny 2 Midha’s Reckoning Guide – God Roll & How to Get It

Avast Guardians, Season of Plunder is here! This space pirate-themed Destiny 2 season is all about crossing blades with Fallen House of Salvation, hunting for buried treasure, and working with everyone’s favorite scoundrel, the Drifter. Of course, there is a bunch of new loot to chase and activities to complete.  Of course, this season’s big draw is all the new loot, and there are some terrific guns to farm for right now. Tied to the King’s Fall raid, there are some surprisingly great weapons you can craft now that have unique perk combinations that have never existed. Here is how to get the Midha’s Reckoning fusion rifle and what the god roll is:

How to Get Midha’s Reckoning

For the unaware, Midha’s Reckoning is tied to the King’s Fall raid. This weapon will drop from either the Golgorth or Oryx fight. However, Oryx’s chest will only give you rewards that you’ve previously earned in this activity. So if you’ve never gotten a Midha’s Reckoning to drop from Golgorth then it will not have a chance to appear in the final chest. Additionally, you cannot keep farming the same encounter as you would in a dungeon. Once you complete an encounter on a character for that week, all you will earn are Spoils of Conquest. Now you can buy this fusion rifle for 20 Spoils of Conquest from the final chest, but you’ll need to have gotten  Midha’s Reckoning at least once. You can also craft a Midha’s Reckoning, but this requires five Deepsight variants.

Midha's Reckoning God Roll

Midha’s Reckoning God Rolls

Midha’s Reckoning PVE God Roll

  • Arrowhead Brake or Corkscrew Rifling
  • Accelerated Coils
  • Backup Plan or Pugilist
  • Reservoir Burst

For discerning fusion rifle users, the PVE rolls for Midha’s Reckoning are exceptionally strong. In the first slot, we’re looking at either Arrowhead Brake or Corkscrew Rifling. The former boosts our handling and recoil control, making this an easy weapon to swap to. If you’re planning to go with the Backup Plan perk, you will want Arrowhead Brake. Alternatively, you can go with Corkscrew Rifling to give a small boost to stability, range, and handling. Regardless of which of these perks you select, you’ll want Accelerated Coils in the magazine slot. The faster charge time this perk offers more than makes up for the slightly increased impact damage.

When it comes to primary perks, both Backup Plan and Pugilist are terrific options. The former is for those who like to quickly swap between weapons, as the decreased charge time allows you to swiftly engage any target in front of you. However, I am not a huge fan of sacrificing damage so I am going to be hunting for Pugilist. Being able to get melee energy back after every kill is exceptionally strong – especially if you’re using the enhanced version of this perk. I cannot recommend it enough, as it synergizes wonderfully with ability-focused builds.

Finally, you’ll absolutely want Reservoir Burst in the final slot. Not only is this perk strong, but it has some crazy synergies with the Runneth Over intrinsic perk. Whenever you reload, if this perk triggers you will have Reservoir Burst active on every single additional shot you obtained. This allows you to decimate hordes of enemies with ease, making it a terrific ad-clearing perk.

Midha’s Reckoning PVP God Roll

  • Hammer-Forged Rifling
  • Projection Fuse
  • Backup Plan
  • Successful Warm-Up

Thankfully, the PVP version of this weapon is far simpler. For the barrel and magazine slots, I am going to prioritize increasing Midha’s Reckoning range. Both Hammer-Forged Rifling and Projection Fuse will give us +10 to the range, boosting the total range of this weapon from 52 to 72. This allows us to competitively compete in the current meta, as we can consistently decimate targets a few meters from our position.

Comboing with this is Backup Plan and Successful Warm-Up. Unsurprisingly, being able to swap to this weapon and swiftly kill anyone in front of us is quite strong. Backup Plan has always been a best-in-slot option for PVP fusion rifles due to removing a lot of the risk that comes with running a gun that has a brief delay before firing. On the other hand, Successful Warm-Up is perfect for bigger modes like Control or Iron Banner. Decreasing the charge time by 37.5% after a kill allows us to quickly bring down multiple foes, making this a remarkably deadly gun.