Destiny 2 Damage Type Guide (March 2023)

There are five different damage types in Destiny 2. In Lightfall, a sixth is being added. These damage types are associated with different subclasses and weapons, and each have different effects on the game’s enemies. In this guide, we’re breaking down every damage type in Destiny 2 so you can understand the differences between then.

Kinetic — Destiny 2 Damage Type Guide

Kinetic weapons are basically regular-old guns. They fire projectiles that don’t have any special effect against enemy shields, for the most part. In the past, Kinetic (and Stasis) weapons did 5% more damage than other guns to unshielded combatants. However, as of Lightfall, Kinetic primary weapons do 10% more damage to unshielded targets, while Kinetic special weapons do an extra 15%. This makes them great for finishing off enemies after you pop their shields with the corresponding energy type.

The Kinetic weapon perk is Kinetic Tremors. Dealing sustained kinetic damage to a target emits a shockwave that damages any nearby targets.


Added to Destiny 2 in Beyond Light, Stasis is a Darkness ability that can freeze and slow enemies. In the past, Stasis weapons benefitted from the Kinetic damage boost against unshielded targets. However, they lost this bonus in Lightfall.

Stasis has two exclusive weapon perks. Headstone generates Stasis crystals on precision kills, while Chill Clip slows enemies hit with attacks from the top half of the magazine.

As of Lightfall, Stasis can stun Unstoppable Champions through the Shatter keyword and Overload Champions through the Slow keyword.

Scorn and some Fallen and Taken enemies can wield Stasis.

Strand — Destiny 2 Damage Type Guide

Strand is being added to the game in Lightfall. This damage type represents Guardians tapping into a psychic weave that underlies reality and manifesting it through the Darkness. Strand weapons have synergy with Strand subclasses through fragments and other effects.

Strand’s exclusive weapon perk is Hatchling, which spawns a Threadling at the target’s location on precision final blows or rapid kills with non-precision weapons.

Additionally, Strand can stun Unstoppable Champions through the Suspend keyword, and Barrier Champions through the Unravel effect.

Some Cabal enemies have Strand shields.


Void energy appears purple in Destiny 2, and represents gravity and related phenomena. If an enemy has a purple shield, Void weapons will do extra damage to it until the shield is destroyed, at which point the shield will “pop” and damage nearby foes. Void weapons also have some synergy with Void subclasses.

Void has two weapon perks. The first is Repulsor Brace, which grants an overshield on defeating a Void-debuffed enemy. The second is Destabilizing Rounds, which causes nearby targets to become Volatile on final blows.

Starting in Lightfall, Void can stun Barrier Champions through Volatile Rounds, as well as Overload Champions via the Suppression keyword.

Void shields and damage is mainly associated with Scorn and Taken enemies.


Solar energy appears orange in Destiny 2 and is related to heat and nuclear fusion. You can defeat enemies with orange shields more easily — as well as explosively pop the shield — by attacking them with Solar damage.

The exclusive Solar weapon perk is Incandescent. This perk creates explosions when defeating enemies, inflicting the Scorch effect on nearby foes.

In Lightfall, Guardians can stun Barrier Champions while they have the Solar keyword Radiant in effect. They can also stun Unstoppable Champions using the Solar Ignition keyword.

The Cabal are the main enemies associated with the Solar damage type.

Arc — Destiny 2 Damage Type Guide

Appearing blue in Destiny 2, Arc energy represents electromagnetism. Arc is useful for popping blue shields on enemy combatants.

Arc weapons sometimes have access to the exclusive Voltshot perk. After defeating an enemy with a Voltshot weapon, reloading then charges the next shot, which will cause Arc damage to chain between nearby foes.

As with other damage types, Arc has intrinsic means of dealing with Champions in Lightfall. Guardians can stun Overload Champions with the Jolt keyword and Unstoppable Champions with the Blind keyword.

The Fallen are the main enemies associated with Arc damage and shields.