Destiny 2 Cryptic Quatrains III Guide – Buried Treasure Location

Avast Guardians, Season of Plunder is here! This space pirate-themed Destiny 2 season is all about crossing blades with Fallen House of Salvation, hunting for buried treasure, and working with everyone’s favorite scoundrel, the Drifter. Of course, there is a bunch of new loot to chase and activities to complete. One of the most entertaining is a treasure hunt that’s unlocked when you reach Rank 7, 10, and 16 in the Star Charts. The third of these quests is Cryptic Quatrains III, which is the final step Buried Treasure item you can acquire from the Star Chart.  Here’s how to complete the Cryptic Quatrains III quest in Destiny 2:

Cryptic Quatrains III Quest Steps

Destiny 2 Cryptic Quatrains III

Complete The Quarry Lost Sector

The first step in the Cryptic Quatrains III quest is to go to the EDZ and complete The Quarry, Lost Sector. This can be found in the Sunken Isle patrol zone, all the way on the northern side of the EDZ. Once you land, go to the cave entrance (shown above) and kill the boss inside. Upon opening the chest inside you will complete this portion of the quest. There are no other stipulations, so use whatever subclass and weapons you want.

Destiny 2 Cryptic Quatrains III

Beat Exodus Crash Without Dying

For the next step, you will need to complete the Exodus Crash strike without dying. You can manually load up this strike via the Nessus destination menu, so don’t worry about waiting for this activity to pop up in the Vanguard Operations playlist. While you will have a substantially higher Power level going into Exodus Crash, I still recommend playing cautiously. The last thing you want to happen is to get killed by a random enemy at the end of the strike. Be extra cautious during the boss fight, as the explosive shanks can deal a comical amount of damage to you.

Destiny 2 Season of Plunder Bugs 1

Complete Ketch Crash With an Arc Subclass and Hand Cannon

Despite misspelling ketch, the next activity you’ll need to complete is Ketch Crash. However, you will also need to have an Arc subclass and any hand cannon equipped for the entire duration of the activity. The hand cannon itself doesn’t need to be Arc, as I used my Eyasluna which is Stasis. It doesn’t matter if you kill any enemies with this weapon or your Arc abilities, however, they do need to be equipped to count. Once the activity is over and you’ve collected the loot from the chest you’ll unlock the next step of  Cryptic Quatrains III.

Destiny 2 Cryptic Quatrains III

Solve the Captain’s Atlas Puzzle

Now open up your Captain’s Atlas in the quest screen and equip the Crude Cipher into the map slot. This will reveal a secret compartment that has three blank spots. Your goal is to use the riddle to place the Fallen House sigils in the correct placement. The order from left to right is Dusk, Salvation, and Light. Doing this will progress the Cryptic Quatrains III mission.

Go to the Forgotten Shore

Now you will need to head to the Forgotten Shore in the Cosmodrome. This can be accessible by landing at the Skywatch patrol zone, going north through the buildings, and then east down the hill. Once you reach the Forgotten Shore, go to the southern end where a medium-sized ship is beached by the water (shown above). At the front of the ship by the mast, you’ll find a green Fallen sigil you can interact with. After finishing this step do not leave the Forgotten Shore.

Find the Cave

The last step of this quest requires you to find a cave by three pillars near a stream. Go to the northern end of Forgotten Shore near the hill you initially rode down. To the left of it, you will see a small cave along the wall behind these three stone pillars. Enter the cave and interact with the mound of dirt to complete this quest. You will earn three random Season of Plunder rewards along with the new Charge of Light exotic sparrow! Perfect for this pirate-themed season.