Destiny 2 Calus Bobbleheads Guide – How to Complete the #1 Fan Triumph

Anything goes.

At long last, Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted has arrived. As expected, there’s a whole new seasonal quest to follow through, as well as new armor sets, weapons, and a haunting atmosphere in every corner. Considering how much is there to unpack, from Solar 3.0 to yet another list of weapon ornaments, we’re diving into all things Destiny 2. This guide focuses on all the Destiny 2 Calus Bobbleheads in Season of the Haunted and all their locations every week.

(Author’s Note: For ease of reading, we will be adding the latest bobblehead locations at the top of the article and the older ones at the bottom.)

Calus Bobblehead Location Week 6

Sever – Resolve

Week 6’s Calus Bobblehead can be found in the large hallway filled with giant fans. This will be right before you reach where Caiatl is for the final boss fight. Halfway through this chamber, you’ll see a raised ledge in the middle that leads to a hidden room. Inside this room behind the crates on the right you will find the this bobblehead. Make sure to snag this one on your first playthrough so you don’t need to go through the whole mission again to grab it!

Calus Bobblehead Location Week 5

Sever – Rage

The next Calus Bobblehead can be found in the Rage story mission. As you progress through the Leviathan, you’ll reach a point where the doors lock and that annoying invincible Nightmare spawns. Run through the boiler room and head down the hallway on the left side. You’ll reach the room shown above, where you can squeeze under the platform. Hidden underneath is the next bobblehead. Thankfully, the Nightmare won’t follow you under the platform so you can use this area to either break off the chase or recover some health.

Calus Bobblehead Location Week 4

Calus Bobblehead Location Week 4

Sever – Forgiveness

Unlike many of the other bobbleheads, you won’t find this one until much later into the  Forgiveness mission. Make your way through the level until you reach where Zavala and his wife are talking. After you plant the final beacon, make your way into a large circular tunnel and continue until you’re about halfway through it. Along the left side, you will see two horizontal, cylindrical tanks (shown above). The Calus Bobblehead is located on top of those tanks against the wall.

Calus Bobblehead Locations Week 3

Week 3 Calus Bobblehead

Sever – Grief

This week’s bobblehead can be found in the Sever mission, Grief. Once you arrive, make your way through the structure until you reach a large room with a bunch of hanging plants. Some Scorn will attack so dispatch them first. After they’re all dead, head down the hall and place the first beacon. Doing so will cause the malfunctioning door to open next to you. Enter this hallway and go left behind the crates. You will find the Calus bobblehead tucked away in a corner next to the crate. Remember, this is in the hallway directly after you place the beacon, so it’s very early on in the mission!

Additionally, you can find the Calus robot in the water along the wall in the room with all the hanging plants.

Calus Bobblehead Locations Week 2

Sever – Reconciliation

The next bobblehead can be found during this week’s Sever mission, Reconciliation. After you arrive and place the first beacon, make your way through the vents as you normally would. Once you emerge on the other side you will be in the room shown above. Turn right when you exit and go to the end of the room. You’ll see another vent opening behind a half-wall. Enter the vent and look to the left a few steps in to find the Calus Bobblehead.

Calus Bobblehead Locations Week 1

The Week 1 Destiny 2 Calus Bobblehead locations can be found in the following spots (thanks to Skarrow9 on Reddit for the discovery):

Pleasure Gardens Calus Bobblehead Location

We’re starting in the Pleasure Gardens, which is one of the areas inside Castellum. To get here, open your Destinations menu, select the Moon, and head over to Castellum in the Leviathan Derelict.

As soon as you arrive at Castellum, go outside to see a massive statue. Go around the statue to enter a backdoor that is, well, on the statue’s back. Then, follow the corridors all the way to the other side, which will take you to the Pleasure Gardens in Destiny 2.

Once in the Pleasure Gardens, you’re going to see yet another massive statue. Guess what, we’re heading around it as well since the Calus Bobblehead is right behind it. Go ahead and grab it.

That is all for the Pleasure Gardens Calus Bobblehead!

Royal Pools Calus Bobblehead Location

Don’t leave the Pleasure Gardens just yet. Taking the entrance to the area as starting point, head to your left and toward the open door in that direction. Once inside, follow the corridors until you’re outside in the Royal Pools.

Now, you have to find a particular statue we’re using as reference. Getting there is a bit tricky, but the area you want is the one with the pools under the roof, which looks like a room from the outside. Whether you see the statue or this room before makes no difference.

That being said, there is a door that leads to a long corridor, which ends up exactly in front of the statue. Again, if you see the statue alone, you’re fine.

Using the statue as a starting point, go around it by taking the right side to get through a corridor. Then, you’ll immediately see a door that leads to the area with the pools I mentioned above. Head all the way straight and toward the far end corner to the right, where you’re going to see a hole in the ground. Yes, we’re heading inside.

Once inside the hole, the rest is super straightforward. Just keep on moving through the corridor until you get to the last room. You can see the bobblehead at the far end of the last room.

That’s all for the Royal Pools Calus Bobblehead!

Castellum Landing Zone Calus Bobblehead Location

The third Calus Bobblehead requires you to complete a Nightmare Containment activity, specifically Tier III, which means you need to go through Tier I and II successfully and then complete the final boss encounter at Tier III. This is all accessed from Castellum, and you can do it with people in the area.

The trick here is that the Calus Bobblehead is inside a locked door. Once you complete the Tier III of the activity, two doors will open at random in the area. There are five in total, but the one you want is found exactly to the left of the place where you first land every time you enter Castellum. Head to the location, exit through the first door, and look to your left. The locked room is in that corner.

After you finish Tier III of the activity, you’ll notice a message on the bottom left of your screen that says “two lockdown protocols in the Castellum have temporarily lifted,” which is your clue to go and head over to the door I mentioned.

If the door is opened, great! Just head inside, open the chest on the left (not mandatory, but hey, since you’re here already), and the Calus Bobblehead will be on the right side of the room.

That is all for the Castellum Landing Zone Calus Bobblehead!

Sever – Shame Calus Bobblehead Location

For the fourth Calus Bobblehead, you’re going to have to run the Sever – Shame activity from the Moon — specifically up to the point where you have to manually override all four terminals.

Once you get the first three terminals, pick up a wrench and take it to the marked spot. After using it and heading to the last area to use the fourth terminal, head up.

I recommend using the floating objects as steps and then heading to the other wall, then use the pipes to get all the way to the top. There, you’ll find the bobblehead.

That is all for the Sever – Shame Calus Bobblehead!

Now, you can go ahead and place the bobbleheads you’ve collected so far in the H.E.L.M. space, next to the seasonal terminal.

See you next week!

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