Destiny 2 Battle Lines Triumph Guide – How to Find a Loyalist Commander

Semper Pha.

At long last, Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted has arrived. As expected, there’s a whole new seasonal quest to follow through, as well as new armor sets, weapons, and a haunting atmosphere in every corner. Considering how much is there to unpack, from Solar 3.0 to yet another list of weapon ornaments, we’re diving into all things Destiny 2. This guide focuses on the Destiny 2 Battle Lines Triumph and how to find a Loyalist Commander to complete it.

Destiny 2 Battle Lines Triumph – How to Find a Loyalist Commander in Castellum

The Battle Lines Triumph asks you to defeat a Loyalist force defending their territory in Derelict Leviathan and then bring down their commander. It’s not super clear where exactly this encounter takes place or how to trigger it, but here are the steps.

First, head over to Castellum (Derelict Leviathan) from the Moon’s destination tab. Then, we have to do a short trip to the Royal Pools. For this, as soon as you arrive, go around the massive Callum statue and enter the back door. Use that corridor to find the Pleasure Gardens.

As soon as you enter this second area, head to the left side of the room and toward the open door there. Again, follow the new corridor all the way to the other side and you’ll end up in the Royal Pools.

Now that we’re in the Royal Pools, it’s time to search for Loyalists. The key for the Destiny 2 Battle Lines Triumph is to defeat as many Loyalists as necessary until the area fades to black and a public event is triggered. Then, you need to destroy four different forts created by Loyalist Sentinels, which finally ends up calling down the Loyalist Commander to finish the encounter.

Sadly, this sounds easier than it actually is. I spent around 30 minutes just taking down Loyalists until I got lucky. Fanbyte’s own Collin MacGregor just happened to stumble upon a Commander once he arrived at the Royal Pools, so you may get lucky. Still, if you’re on your own and just want to trigger the event, prepare to take down Loyalists. Between the variations that appear, you’ll see Core Bearers show up, which usually use a shield and drop a core when taken down. You can take the core inside the pools room and get a Relic. It’s uncertain as to whether or not this helps toward the Triumph, however, as I took two of them down and it didn’t immediately have an effect on the event.

Basically, I focused on tracking down all Loyalists around the area, including minibosses that have the Nightmare status (you can see this in the name above the health bars). All of a sudden, the area went pitch black for a couple of seconds, and I got a message on the screen saying “Loyalists Sentinels have fortified a position” close to my location.

The first fort is signalized by an objective marker and it’s hard to miss, as it’s a massive dome with enemies inside.

In order to take down the Loyalist fort, you have to hop inside and destroy the energy core in the center of the dome. It’s not super strong, so it shouldn’t take long. You then need to search the area for three more forts and destroy each of the domes in the same way. For me, they all appear in the corners of the area, except for one that was inside the room with the pools. But again, they’re hard to miss.

Once you destroy the last dome, you’ll see another message on screen, this one giving the notice that “a Loyalist Sentinel Commander has arrived” in the area. It’s likely that it’s going to show up right in front of you, so prepare yourself. As a note: dying either in this instance or the one beforehand won’t cancel the event, although I would try and get it done as quickly as possible just in case.

All that’s left to do is to defeat the Sentinel Commander. That’s all for the Destiny 2 Battle Lines Triumph!

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