Destiny 2 Armor Mods Guide – How to Get Armor & Weapon Mods

Destiny 2 can be an overwhelming experience for those who are either new or returning after a long hiatus. With so many updates, expansions, seasons, and items added in, one can easily find themselves lost in what they have to do. One of the most important items for those looking to create unique builds or take on difficult, endgame activities is mods. Tied to both weapons and armor, mods provide unique buffs that can make your Guardian substantially better if used correctly. So if you’re new or a returning player, here’s how to get weapon, armor, and Adept mods in Destiny 2:

Destiny 2 Armor Mods

How to Get Weapon Mods

To get weapon mods you’ll need to purchase them from Banshee-44 in The Tower. Every day, this vendor will sell four random weapon mods for 10,000 Glimmer each. Banshee-44’s stock will rotate daily, so if you’re hunting a specific mod just make sure to log in and check once a day. After you purchase a weapon mod it can be used on any Legendary gun and is infinitely reusable. Meaning, you won’t need to buy multiple copies if you want to slap a specific mod on different firearms.

Some of the weapon mods you’ll want to look for are Minor Spec, Major Spec, Boss Spec, and Backup Mag. These are some of the best PVE weapon mods in the game, as the first three give you a damage boost for specific enemy types while the latter works great on low magazine guns like hand cannons. Thankfully, there’s a small pool of weapon mods so there’s a good chance you’ll find what you’re looking for in a few days.

Destiny 2 Armor Mods

How to Get Armor Mods

As for armor mods, you can purchase these from Ada-1 in The Tower for 10,000 Glimmer. Just like Banshee-44, Ada-1’s stock rotates daily and can be found under the Material Exchange tab. Unfortunately, there are a ton of armor mods in Destiny 2 so there’s a good chance you’ll need to wait weeks if not months for a specific one to be sold. While they’re cheap to buy, you’re ultimately at the mercy of whatever Ada-1 decides to have in stock that day.

Because of this, I recommend bookmarking this website since it will give you a daily update on what she’s currently offering. This will ensure you don’t have to load into Destiny all the time if you’re only looking for specific mods. As for what mods to keep an eye out for, any of the elemental well mods are extremely good right now, as are specific Charged With Light mods like Powerful Friends, High-Energy Fire, Heavy Handed, Protective Light, and Stacks on Stacks.

Destiny 2 Armor Mods

How to Get Adept Mods

Adept mods are the rarest and strongest weapon mods in Destiny 2. These are only obtainable as a possible reward for completing encounters in Master raids, Grandmaster Nightfalls or going Flawless in Trials of Osiris. Unlike normal mods, Adept variants can only be equipped to Adept weapons. These are any guns that have a title after the name like Timelost, Harrowed, or Adept. Additionally, some Adept mods focus solely on buffing stats such as Adept Range, Stability, and Handling mods. This means if you want to further boost the range of a weapon, Adept mods help you achieve this making them terrific for PVP.