How to Draw Rowlet in 7 Easy Steps

Pokemon peaked when they made Rowlet. Let me show you how to make your very own borb. ^_^

I love Rowlet so much. I don’t remember what life was like before Rowlet. A baby owl. A bird orb. A borb. A round owlet. A Rowlet. Ever since starting Pokemon Legends: Arceus, I think about Rowlet every day. (I really hope we can find one in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.)

I’ve also been watching the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime, where Ash meets and teams up with a Rowlet who takes center stage in the story. He’s kind of a dummy and quite silly, but he’s fierce and cares about his friends and family! He’s so sleeby and hungry all the time, and it’s very cute! He was sort of an orphan, having been raised by a Toucannon and alongside Pikipeks and Trumbeaks. While he struggled to carry his weight, he’s always tried so hard. He can also fly better than any other Pokemon! Eventually, he becomes the strong baby owl we always knew he could be — and that’s what matters.

And so, I want to impart this love onto you by teaching you how to draw Rowlet, your very own borb. Maybe you can hang the picture on your fridge — I’d be proud of you. This is the most basic method, so anyone can try it. Here are the seven easy steps!

Step 1: Circle

Draw a circle.

Step 2: Venn Diagram

It’s a Venn diagram for the face and beak. You’ll want this to be quite close to the top of Rowlet’s body for the proper proportions.

Step 3: Vertical Ovals

Make two tall concentric ovals for the eyes and space them evenly.

Step 4: Elongated Venn Diagram

The elongated Venn diagram is for the little leafy bowtie. The area where they converge should be quite tiny, though.

Step 5: Fix Up the Beak and Bowtie

Erase the lines where the Venn diagrams converge for both the face and bowtie. After that, make a new vertically oriented oval for the new beak. Separate the beak into two parts to make the mouth, and draw a little ridge to make it look a bit sharp. Then, make little lines close to the center on both sides of the bowtie to give it some depth.

Step 6: Little Ridges for Wings and Feet

Time for some freehand drawing. This might be the hardest part to get right. You’ll want to do rounded ridges for tucked wings, starting around the lower torso then going into the bowtie. Make sure the talons are sharp but kind of poofy.

Step 7: Color (Done!)


Use a light brown or tan for the upper body, a solid green for the bowtie, a nice orange for the lower beak and talons, and black to fill the eye circles. All done!

Bonus Step: Make Rowlet Angy


Sometimes, Rowlet can look fierce. Usually, if he’s ready for battle or if something is amiss, Rowlet will look vewy sewious. For that, you can just erase a top part of both the eyes at an angle, then draw a line to make it look like furrowed eyebrows. Angy Rowlet!

Another Bonus Step: Make Rowlet Sleeby


Ash’s Rowlet loves sleeping — so much so that he’ll sometimes fall asleep in the middle of a battle. He really likes being cozy in a backpack or in a tree branch where no one will bother him. He also drools a lot. That’s how cozy he gets! If you want to make a sleepy Rowlet, replace the eyes with slightly curved lines so that they look closed. You can also give him blushing cheeks. The hard part is drawing the mouth open, so you’ll want to change the curves on the beak and use pink for the tongue and a dark red to show the beak open. And draw a little drool because this Rowlet is knocked out!

Thank you for being here. I hope you liked this Rowlet-drawing tutorial. It’s been fun! Now show your friends and family how to draw Rowlet!