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KFC and FFXIV Partnership Has Japanese Warriors of Light Eating a Lot of Chicken

You can eat a lot of things in Eorzea, and now you can eat chicken

For Warriors of Light living in Japan, there's about to be a lot of Kentucky Fried Chicken in their life, since Final Fantasy XIV and KFC are partnering together in order for fans to earn some pretty cool rewards in exchange for buying some fried chicken. 

Fans of the game can buy a special edition meal at KFC that will include a Japanese-style fried chicken burger, small fries, a medium drink and one extra piece of chicken. They will receive the meal, a set of stickers, and a code for an exclusive in-game emote. The promotion begins on Oct. 4, and will cost 1240 yen.

Image via Square Enix

More information about the collaboration will be available on the Japanese Lodestone soon. Those who want the emote must purchase the special combo meal in order to receive the stickers, which will include a code on the back of the sheet to redeem the in-game item.

The in-game item is the /eatchicken emote, which shows the player grabbing some chicken out of a bucket and eating it. This collaboration is similar to the North American campaign that ran back in 2021, where players could order through Grubhub and if they met a certain threshold, they were sent a code for the /eatpizza emote. 

For those living anywhere other than Japan, it is unlikely that this promotion will run anytime soon. The Grubhub promotion that was exclusive to North America still hasn't appeared anywhere for those living outside of the region. Players will have to wait and see whether the promotion comes to other areas, especially North America, considering the franchise is so popular and originated there. For now, those who live in Japan are the only Warriors of Light who can chow down on some chicken during the promotional period.

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