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FFXIV Sets Next Live Letter For Patch 6.5 Part 2

The last parts of the story before Dawntrail are coming soon.

The first part of Final Fantasy XIV's Live Letter from the Producer for Patch 6.5 aired live from Las Vegas a little over a month ago, and now the second part has been scheduled. Players will learn which day in early October the patch will drop, as well as more details about what's coming.

The Live Letter will air on Sept. 23 or Sept 24 depending on where you live, and will broadcast live from the Tokyo Game Show 2023. Because it's airing from the convention, the broadcast time is vastly different from what it usually is. For those in the United States, the Live Letter will come at a very weird time. Check below for when the Live Letter will air in your time zone.

United States:

  • PDT: Saturday Sept. 23 at 11pm
  • CDT: Sunday Sept. 24 at 1am
  • EDT: Sunday Sept. 24 at 2am

Europe and Asia:

  • BST: Sunday Sept. 24 at 7am
  • CEST: Sunday Sept. 24 at 8am
  • JST: Sunday Sept. 24 at 3pm

Australia and New Zealand:

  • AEST: Sunday Sept. 24 at 4pm
  • NZST: Sunday Sept. 24 at 6pm

This acts as part two of the Patch 6.5 Live Letter, so fans will be given more information about what's coming in the patch, such as more details about new dungeons, trials, side content, and more. Players are also likely to get the date for the patch, which has already been slated for early October.

If previous predictions about timing are correct, Patch 6.5 will drop on Oct. 10. This is 12 days after the Live Letter, which is the typical timeframe between the second part of the Live Letter and when the new content goes live. Those interested in watching the broadcast can tune into YouTube. Typically, Live Letters air on Twitch as well, but only YouTube has been listed this time. 

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