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Preview of New FFXIV Patch 6.4 Gear: Anabaseios Raid, Crafted, and Tomestone Sets

With the latest Letter from the Producer Live, fans have a look at the gear coming in the next patch.

Last week, Square Enix offered a look at all the new gear coming to Patch 6.4 in Final Fantasy XIV. The Letter from the Producer Live was the second deep dive for the patch, which is scheduled to release on May 23. FFXIV creative director and lead producer Naoki Yoshida dutifully held up pieces of paper to showcase each gear set.

The new gear includes the sets players will be able to obtain in Pandaemonium’s final raid wing, Anabaseios, the crafted gear, and the sets players can acquire by trading in the new Allagan Tomestones of Comedy. While two of the sets push forward the aesthetic that players have gotten used to during this patch cycle, Market Board fiends might want to turn their eye toward the cool new crafted gear.

Patch 6.4 Pandaemonium Anabaseios Raid Gear

First up is the all-new Raid gear. This gear will drop from Pandaemonium Anabaseios, the final wing for this Raid tier and the end of the story of Hephaistos and his family. The Raid gear for the last tier, Pandaemonium Abyssos, was a big swing. The darkened armor spoke of the “abyss” in the Raid’s name, all in black and red with burning flame highlights.

This time around, we move from hell to heaven. The new Anabaseios sets are cast in white and blue, with floating crystalline features replacing the burning flames. The whole set seems to speak toward a redemption for someone at the end of this Raid. As always, it’s likely that the Savage set will be dyeable, compared to the single-color standard armor.

There will be a number of Raid reward changes coming with the patch. Savage coffers will no longer reward duplicate armor pieces for the same slot, and body slot pieces will drop from the third floor (The Eleventh Circle). In addition, Square Enix is lowering the number of Mythos books needed to acquire each gear piece. Exchanges for the body piece drops from eight Mythos IV books to six Mythos III books, while leg gear moves from eight Mythos III books to six Mythos III books. Accessories switch from four Mythos I books to three Mythos I books. Mythos IV can also be exchanged for the lower Mythos books at a 1:1 rate.

Patch 6.4 Tomestone Gear

Next up is the Tomestone gear set, which players will be able to purchase with the new Allagan Tomestones of Comedy. Like previous patches, these tomestones will drop from the Raid and the higher-level Expert and Raid options on the Duty Finder dailies. Flowing robes seem to be the order of the day, but this patch gear does have a little more color compared to the two-toned Causality tomestone set.

The weapons are also unique, in that they come from a previous Weapon Design contest.

Patch 6.4 Crafted Gear

This is where the all-new patch gear gets interesting. Unlike the Classical Armor from Patch 6.0 or the Rinascita sets from Patch 6.2, the crafted gear for this patch has a modern aesthetic. This means hoodies and sweaters rather than the faux Roman and Italian armor from the previous sets. Expect for these sets to be big winners in terms of potential glamour, meaning they’ll probably fetch a pretty penny on the Market Board.

Patch 6.4 Island Sanctuary Gear

There were also two additions that can be obtained by continuing your journey with the Island Sanctuary. The first one is a tight-fitting island wear set, great for nights out on the beach. The second set is for a completely different vibe, with a steampunk style offering googles and a swank hat.

The next Letter from the Producer Live, no. 78, will air during the North American Fan Festival. The team also announced that the stage events from the Fan Festivals will be streamed on YouTube and Twitch, with the exception of the concerts. Before that happens, however, there will be time to finish off the current Moogle Treasure Trove event and enjoy everything Patch 6.4 has to offer.

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