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FFXIV Offers a Free Emote in GrubHub Collaboration

Want to eat pizza in Final Fantasy XIV? Then it’s time to order some food from GrubHub!

It seems that Square Enix will be offering players a chance to grab a new emote! You can’t have a pizza party without pizza and, apparently, can’t have pizza without this emote. (Not entirely true, as there is pizza in Final Fantasy XIV.) Square Enix just announced a collaboration event with GrubHub — offering the brand-new “Eat Pizza” emote in FFXIV.

From Dec. 9, 2021 at 4:30 PM (PST) to Dec. 15 at 8:59 PM, if you order at least $15 worth of food before taxes, fees, and tips with the promo code “ENDWALKER,” then a code to redeem the emote will be sent to the email associated with your GrubHub account. You can then redeem the code on the Mog Station. If you’re into that sorta thing.

There look to be two different “Eat Pizza” emotes, as well. In one your Warrior of Light will simply enjoy the delectable goodness, while in the other they will also give a thumbs up. Verily, juvenile carapace-laden testudines possessed of the ancient concealment arts of Doma could do no better. Presumably, players will receive both emotes with their tie-in deal.

It’s not the first food-focused FFXIV collaboration, as Square Enix previously collaborated with Japanese chain Lawson’s Chicken for a Porxie mount. Other prizes were given and there was even an FFXIV-themed meal if you happened to be in Japan around the time. 

My guess is that GrubHub will get a number of orders this weekend, as FFXIV players deluge the app to get that sweet, sweet emote. I myself will be ordering some Chipotle — probably as I sit in the lengthy launch-week server queues. If you happen to log in though, you might need our Sage or Reaper guides, or our various helpful articles on aether currents, dungeons, and trials.

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