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Pizza Party Time! FFXIV Adds Pizza Emote and Furnishing Item

Is this what Yoshi-P's Ninja Turtles shirt really meant?

Final Fantasy XIV may have just unwittingly set players up for the perfect Friendsgiving thanks to the addition of a new pizza-eating emote and pizza furnishing item. The two new optional cash-shop items were announced by Square Enix on FFXIV’s official social media accounts on Oct. 20. 

These two items are the Eat Pizza emote and Pepperoni Pizza Set, and are available now on the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store, for $7.00 and $5.00 respectively. The emote was previously available as part of a Grubhub promotion in 2021, which saw players need to order at least $15 of food to receive a code for the emote. 

Through some shenanigans, it was reported that players could use the code in EU Data Centers as well, although the promotion wasn’t technically available there. It is the first time the emote will be available in Japan.

Beyond this, the Pepperoni Pizza Set furnishing is a new item, although perhaps it was originally intended to be another promotional item. In a single purchase, you receive five Pepperoni Pizza Sets, which serve as furnishing item. Visually the Pepperoni Pizza set appears to come with some side dishes and drinks as well.

This is a consumable item and grants the user a meal item effect. There are limited uses of this item, and once all uses have been granted the item will be consumed.

Overall, this is the perfect setup for a pizza party. With five pizzas, emotes, all you need now is the friends or FC to accompany it. It’s easy to imagine the furnishing item especially becoming a bit of a flex for FCs who frequently throw parties or have lots of events. Plenty of people will be snacking on pizza throughout Eorzea now thanks to the emote.

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After giving up a "real" job in Marketing in 2019, Michael started working as esports, gaming, and entertainment journalist and hasn't looked back. He lives in the UK, but wishes he lived in Eorzea, having spent 5,000 hours there. When not dutifully grinding Tomestones and being designated furniture crafter for his FC, he enjoys travel to warm places, cold drinks, light reading, and heavy metal.