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All FFXIV Online Store Mounts

If you missed old holiday event quests, have no fear!

In Final Fantasy XIV, collecting things is a natural part of any player's journey. Glamor may be the end-game, but true completionists may strive to check off every minion, mount, and housing item available in-game. 

While some mounts are locked behind Beast Tribes or other gameplay milestones, others are only currently available to purchase in the Square Enix FFXIV store. Most mounts from old holiday event quests become available in store after a certain period of time, ensuring even if mounts were missed, they can be purchased later.

In our table below, every item that's account-wide will have an asterisk at the end of its name. Account-wide items will be available for any character under your FFXIV login. Mounts without an asterisk at the end of their name will only be available for the character you buy them on in the FFXIV store.

Prices are available in United States Dollars, so you may need to check the store to see what the price is for your country if you don't reside in America. Here is our current list, updated as of patch 6.4, for all mounts available to purchase.

All FFXIV mounts sold in the Online Store

NameRelease dateSeatsPrice (USD)
Garlond GL-IS*Patch 6.42$37
Shadow Wolf*Patch 6.41$24
Magicked Umbrella*Patch 6.31$24
Magicked Parasol*Patch 6.31$24
Ceruleum Balloons*Patch 6.31$24
Mechanical Lotus*Patch 6.21$24
Megashiba*Patch 6.11$24
Papa Paissa*Patch 6.01$24
Cruise Chaser*Patch 5.51$29.99
Lunar Whale*Patch 5.58$42
Chocobo Carriage*Patch 5.34$35.99
Kingly Peacock*Patch 5.21$24
Spriggan Stonecarrier*Patch 5.21$24
SDS Fenrir*Patch 4.41$29.99 
Indigo Whale*Patch 4.42$29.99 
Fatter Cat*Patch 4.451$24 
Magicked Carpet*Patch 4.451$24 
Red Hare*Patch 4.31$24 
Mystic Panda*Patch 4.11$24 
Nezha Chariot*Patch 4.21$24 
Aquamarine Carbuncle*Patch 4.151$24 
Citrine Carbuncle*Patch 4.151$24 
Rubellite Carbuncle*Patch 5.21$24 
Fat Moogle*Patch 3.351$29.99 
Sleipnir*Patch 2.381$24 
Bennu*Patch 3.251$24 
Sunspun CumulusPatch 5.01$12 
White Devil Patch 3.11$12 
Red BaronPatch 3.11$12 
Broken Heart (Right)Patch 4.21$12 
Broken Heart (Left)Patch 4.21$12 
Eggshilaration SystemPatch 3.51$12 
Polar BearPatch 5.51$12 
Circus AhrimanPatch 5.01$12 
Witch's BroomPatch 3.071$12 
SnowmanPatch 5.41$12 
Starlight BearPatch 4.11$12 
Starlight Steed (may be added 2023)Patch 6.21Not available

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