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Shadow Wolf Horn


The Final Fantasy XIV Shadow Wolf mount is a $24 account-wide mount available on the online store. 

Players assumed that this mount would be the new reward for leveling and getting spells for their Blue Mage, but Square Enix instead has listed it in the cash shop.

The Shadow Wolf mount is taken straight from one of the raids in Shadowbringers. The Shadowkeeper boss was who players fought in E10 and E10S, and now it has been made into a mount obtainable through the cash shop. Those who want it will have to cough up some cash in order to obtain it.

The dog-like mount runs around on all fours on the ground, but will shift into a standing position when players start flying with it. Those who are on the fence about whether to buy it or not can see what it looks like on the ground, in the air, and can see a short video of it on the online store.

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Steeped in shadow, this horn of bone emits a spine-chilling sound that brings your shadow wolf to your side.