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Magicked Children's Bed


One of the mounts that players were excited for when Final Fantasy XIV director Naoki Yoshida showed it off was the cute magical bed that had little plushies on it. The mount came with Patch 6.4, and some players may already have access to it, while others will have to spend a few weeks working to get it.

The Magicked Children's Bed is a variation of the now very normal-looking Magicked Bed. The regular Magicked Bed isn't hard to get at all, and simply needs to be crafted or bought off of the market board, but the Magicked Children's Bed is a little harder to get. Adorned with some plushies and a lighter color scheme, players are quite enamored with the mount and looking to get their hands on it. Luckily the method to obtain it doesn't take too much effort, but it will take a lot of patience, since the currency you need to buy it can take weeks to accumulate unless you have an excess amount of gil laying around.

How to unlock the Magicked Children's Bed in Final Fantasy XIV

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The Magicked Children's Bed is bought with 600 Faux Leaves. Players can get Faux Leaves by completing weekly Unreal Trials and doing their tellings and retellings at the Faux Commander in Idyllshire. If players are lucky, they'll score 200 points per week playing the Faux Hallows, which is the mini-game players earn by completing the Unreal Trial. It is rare to find the 100-point reward though, so players may be better off looking for the bigger boxes and swords in order to score less, but more guaranteed points.

Alternatively, players can spend their hard-earned gil on the market board to buy the bed. Currently the bed is going for around five million gil on most servers in North America, but that price may fluctuate the longer the bed is on the market.

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Starting as an esports journalist in 2018, Jessica has been writing for a little over five years now. She is a big Final Fantasy XIV nerd who has been playing since 2021 and has put a more than normal amount of hours in it since then. She also teaches journalism at Rowan University.

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For as long as beds have existed, children have dreamed of having one that flies. Thanks to this winsome piece lovingly crafted for younglings─and the young at heart─that dream is now a reality.