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Final Fantasy XIV’s New Motorbike Mount Might Be for Fan Fest 2023

A new mount has appeared with a familiar friend in tow.

The hunt for all of the mounts in Final Fantasy XIV is an endless one. Even if players have somehow acquired all of the past mounts from Trials, Dungeons, PVP, and more, Square Enix keeps adding more. Take this new challenger that has only started to appear here and there online.

The new mount is the Garlond GL-IS, which first appeared on Olivia Yuki’s YouTube channel. It’s a magitek motorcycle with an additional sidecar. The catch is that the sidecar already has an occupant: our fair friend from the Omega raid series, Alpha. The chocobo friend makes its familiar ‘kweh’ noises as the mount rides along. While Alpha takes up the side car, there looks to be enough room on the rider’s seat for another passenger.

The mount has since appeared on FFXIV Collect and Gamer Escape. It is currently uknown where the mount comes from yet, but speculation is leaning toward it being for Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival 2023. That speculation is because of the datamined mount background track, which references “Fanfest2023”. Folks are hazarding a guess that the mount will be available on the Mog Station during Fast Fest 2023.

Garlond GL-IS is a counterpart to the Garlond GL-II, a magitek motorcycle that players could obtain through the Island Sanctuary. That mount can be purchased from the Horrendous Hoarder NPC on a player’s Island Sanctuary in exchange for a whopping 24,000 Seafarer’s Cowries. While fans wait for more concrete information to drop on this mount, players can look into unlocking the Traveling Supporter or Magicked Children’s Bed mounts.

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