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How to Get the Sabotender de la Luna Mount in FFXIV

Sit yourself on a space cactus!

With the release of Patch 6.5, Square Enix has added a plethora of new mounts and minions to Final Fantasy XIV, including the delightful Sabotender de la Luna Mount. 

Based on the Lunatender, a mob that spawns on Mare Lamentorum, the Sabotender de la Luna Mount is a moon-based variety of the Sabotender. Those who want it will have to work pretty hard and for a fairly long time to get it, or cough up a ton of gil. 

How to unlock the Lunatender mount in FFXIV

There are multiple ways to unlock the Sabotender de la Luna Mount. The most direct way is to acquire the Sabotender de la Luna Whistle for 600 Faux Leaves, and trade them to the Faux Commander, who is located in Idyllshire (X: 5.7, Y: 6.1). 

Image via Square Enix

Faux Leaves are currency earned from playing Faux Hollows. Faux Hollows is a mini game that’s played by completing Unreal Trials, that can be unlocked, if you haven’t already, by talking to the Painfully Ishgardian Man in Idyllshire at X: 7, Y: 5.9.

In Faux Hollows, you’ll have to uncover pictures hidden on a 6x6 grid. By uncovering a picture, you’ll find between 15 and 100 Faux Leaves. You can play Faux Hollows once per week, although there’s also a chance you’ll unlock a retelling, meaning you can play Faux Hollows once more. It’s possible to earn a maximum of 150 Faux Leaves in one go, so you’ll likely need a few weeks to earn the 600 required for the Lunatender Mount.

Alternatively, the Sabotender de la Luna Whistle can be purchased off the market board. Like the majority of the Faux Hollows mount summoning items, it's tradable and marketable, meaning if you have the gil, you can purchase it. But, due to the difficulty of obtaining the mount, don’t be surprised if the cost is as high as several million gil.

Additionally, several previously released mounts that were originally only available for Faux Leaves, such as the Troll and Magicked Children’s Bed, have later been added to the list of rewards available for trading in Khloe’s Gold Certificate of Commendation. In time, the Sabotender de la Luna Mount may be added to that list.

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