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Burabura Chochin Whistle


Final Fantasy XIV's Patch 6.45 added the game's next Variant Dungeon, Mount Rokkon, after introducing this new form of Duty with The Sil'dihn Subterrane in Patch 6.25. Mount Rokkon and its Criterion counterparts bring many rewards for players to add to their collections, one being the Burabura Chochin mount.

After unlocking Mount Rokkon and progressing through its routes, players will earn Rokkon Potsherds, a currency exchanged for rewards such as a new emote, an orchestrion roll, and new glamour items, after defeating its bosses. There is also the chance to add a pair of adorable shinobi pups to your collection.

Lalafell riding the Burabura mount
 Image via Square Enix

While working towards obtaining everything Mount Rokkon has to offer, you may spot a particular, one-eyed enemy throughout your run. These paper lantern-looking monsters should send shivers down most adventurers' spines, but like most scary creatures found throughout Etheirys, the Warrior of Light has other plans. They want to ride it. Those looking to climb into the literal belly of the beast will find, however, that the Burabura Chochin demands to be earned by those dedicated to completionism.

Where to find the Burabura Chochin in FFXIV

Unlike the rare minion drops and redeemable rewards, unlocking the Burabura Chochin requires obtaining all 12 Mount Rokkon Exorcism Records, meaning players must complete every possible path and outcome that Mount Rokkon has to offer. Once all 12 paths are completed, you will unlock the achievement "Mononopeke." The whistle to obtain the mount can then be redeemed from the Achievement menu under the "Exploration, Duty" category.

Screengrab by Fanbyte via Square Enix

The Burabura Chochin is just one of the two mounts added to FFXIV's Patch 6.45, the other being the familiar Shishioji you'll find at the end of one of Mount Rokkon's many paths. However, unlike its lion king counterpart, the criteria for earning the Burabura Chochin isn't tied to Criterion completion.

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A hand-carved whistle that, when played, emits an eerie tone that beckons your burabura chochin to your side.