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Where to Find Island Shale in Final Fantasy XIV's Island Sanctuary

Follow the mountain's trail to find the shale.

Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 6.4 added new handicrafts to export from players’ Island Sanctuaries, and a few need a material that was introduced with the new content, Island Shale. It’s not difficult to obtain, but it will require some progress to be made on your Island Sanctuary before you can find it.

After completing the task of opening up the Mountain Hollow area, many new materials become available to collect. One item in particular that players will need to gather to progress further is Island Coal. With your trusty hammer in hand, you can collect coal from the rocks scattered about the first room in the Mountain Hollow. They can be identified by the dark nautilus shells embedded into the stone.

Location of island coal node
Screengrab by Fanbyte via Square Enix

Island Coal is required in the recipe for the Islekeep’s Steel Hammer, so be sure to gather enough for the new tool and to stockpile for future exports in the Island Workshops. In the case of the Islekeep’s Steel Hammer, the recipe calls for the following:

  • Three Island Logs
  • Three Island Iron Ore
  • Three Island Wood Opal
  • Four Island Coal

With the new tool crafted, more materials can now be gathered from stone-based nodes, including Island Shale. The shale in question is relatively easy to find, as it’s located in the same nodes where the Island Coal gathered earlier is found. Giving the shell-encrusted rocks scattered around the room a good smack with your hammer will now yield one Island Shale, as well as one Island Coal and one Island Stone.

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