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How to Unlock Island Sanctuary in FFXIV Patch 6.2

Your island getaway is just around the corner in Final Fantasy XIV.

One of the most anticipated additions to Final Fantasy XIV with Patch 6.2 hasn’t necessarily been the new raid dungeons, new gear, or continuation of the main scenario. Instead, all eyes have turned toward Island Sanctuary. This new flavor of content won’t alleviate the housing crisis as some hoped, but it still looks like a chill vibe for everyone. But of course, you’ll need to unlock Island Sanctuary first, and we’ll cover how to do just that.

The island will be your own little wilderness to explore. You can raze this idyllic, untouched paradise to the ground, clear-cutting the jungles with the help of clockwork Mammets. Then you can build a home away from home, unlocking new mounts, minions, and more. Island Sanctuary offers farming, exploration, and even a space for your minions to roam.

FFXIV Island Sanctuary Menu 01

How to Unlock The Island Sanctuary

To unlock Island Sanctuary, you’ll need to pick up the level 1 quest “Seeking Sanctuary” from the Clueless Crier in Old Sharlayan (X: 11.9, Y: 11.0). Unlike many other quests in FFXIV, there is no level requirement for Island Sanctuary, but you do need to have completed the Endwalker MSQ to access the unlock quest in the first place.

Once you’ve unlocked the Island Sanctuary, you can enjoy it with any class or Job equipped, regardless of level. And while you’ll do some gathering and crafting on the island, you do not need to unlock any Disciples of the Hand or Land to do so. Just bring yourself and your desire to work!

Once you’re on the island, you can leave at any time by using Teleport, Return, or using the available boat at (X: 9.2, Y: 28.3). Island Sanctuary has some similarities to Bozja or Eureka: if you’re inactive for more than 30 minutes, you’ll be teleported out of the zone automatically. This will leave players in Lower La Noscea (X: 24.9, Y: 34.8).

Once you’ve unlocked Island Sanctuary, you will need a way to get back if you leave. You’ll need to talk to Baldin in Lower La Noscea (X: 24.9, Y: 34.8), who will helpfully ferry you back to the island.

FFXIV Island Sanctuary Buildings

How To Visit Other Players’ Island Sanctuaries

That’s right, Island Sanctuary isn’t entirely for you and you alone! You can also visit other players’ islands even if you haven’t made it through Endwalker. (You’ll need to have completed the Patch 2.0 main scenario quest “The Ultimate Weapon” to access this feature when speaking to Baldin.) Up to 16 players can explore an island at one time, though visiting players won’t be able to gather or craft.

You can visit the islands of friends, party members, and free company members. The owner of the island has to mark it as available for visit, and they can exclude any of the three groups. When you talk to Baldin in Lower La Noscea (X: 24.9, Y: 34.8), you can choose to head to your own island or visit others’ islands.

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