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How to Farm Tomestones of Causality in FFXIV

There are a ton of ways to get Causality tomes, but which method is best?

In Final Fantasy XIV end-game content, there are always a revolving set of tomestones players need to get in order to trade them for certain things. Tomestones of Causality are used for a plethora of things, from materials, to gear, to relic weapon items. 

Unlike it's stubborn counterpart, Tomestones of Comedy, which are currently capped for how many of them players can earn per week, Tomestones of Causality has no such restriction. The only thing players need to worry about is a 2,000 tomestone cap, which if hit, disallows any more to be earned. However, they can be spent and earned again without a worry for reaching a weekly cap. 

What are Tomestones of Causality used for?

In Endwalker, Tomestones of Causality are used for a wide variety of things, and there are many reasons a player might need thousands of them. For high-end food and tinctures, some of the ingredients are most commonly gained from trading Causality tomestones at a vendor in Radz-at-Han. Items like the Thavnairian Flux and Alche-mist are used in recipes for things like best-in-slot gear or high-end food needed for Savage Raids. 

RaH items.png
Screengrab by Fanbyte via Square Enix

Tomestones of Causality are used at the same vendor for trading in for gear. Lunar Envoy gear is item level 620, which can be augmented to 630 gear. However, the Credendum gear is the highest ilvl gear currently available as of Patch 6.5, so unless you like the look of the Lunar Envoy pieces, you'll be looking to grab the Credendum gear, purchased with Comedy tomestones and augmented via the Endwalker Alliance Raids.

If you're looking to get all of the Manderville Relic Weapons, then you'll be looking for a ton of Causality tomestones. There are multiple steps to the Manderville Weapons, and each one requires three items purchased with Causality tomestones. This means players need a total of 1,500 per step, per weapon. Assuming that Patch 6.55 will bring the last step of the Manderville Relic Weapons, the total amount players will need per weapon is 6,000. If you're going for all 19 Relic Weapons, that is a whopping 114,000 of the currency. 

Passive ways to earn Tomestones of Causality

Players will earn Tomestones of Causality for doing the things they would normally do in the game on a daily basis. The first and easiest way to farm these tomes is to do your daily Duty Roulettes. Each Roulette gives a different amount, and will also award additional tomestones for the content you end up getting. Here is a breakdown of every Duty Roulette and how many Causality tomestones they give. Note that for all of these Roulettes, you must be level 90 to receive the tomestones.

Level 90100
Level 50/60/70/80120
Leveling 100
Main Scenario100
Alliance Raids120
Normal Raids60

Doing all of your Duty Roulettes will award 770 Tomestones of Causality. That doesn't include any you might get for whatever content you pull. For example, Level 90 Dungeons will award additional tomestones for doing the Dungeon itself. The Atherfont awards an additional 80 tomestones, and the most recent 6.5 Dungeon, The Lunar Subterrane also grants 80 tomestones. 

Screenshot via Square Enix

Doing your weekly Alliance Raids will also earn you more tomestones. While you're working on getting your coins for your augmented gear, you can also gain Tomestones of Causality. Aglaia and Euphrosyne award 120, and Thaleia awards 150. 

How to farm Tomestones of Causality fast

There's no incredibly fast way to go from zero to 2,000 tomestones. It can be done in one day, but it will take a full day of doing content to get to the cap if you're starting from nothing. Doing the daily Duty Roulettes is a good practice to keep up with when tomestone farming is the goal, but there is some content that can be run that will earn a respectable amount of tomestones each time. 

Once your Duty Roulettes for the day are done, there are a couple of ways you can keep farming tomestones. For those who love PvP, Crystalline Conflict grants 20 tomestones per match, and each match takes anywhere from five to 10 minutes, meaning if the queues are quick, you could earn around 120 tomes per hour. 

Another method could be to run the most recent Alliance Raid repeatedly. Each time players run Thaleia, they'll get 150 tomestones. If you can manage two runs in an hour, that's 300 tomestones per hour. Running the Aetherfont or the Lunar Subterrane is also a viable option if you're not fond of Alliance Raids or just want something different to do. Each gives 80 tomes per run.

Screenshot via Square Enix

Additionally, if you haven't done the Variant Dungeons yet, each run of them will earn 40 tomestones per run, as well as Comedy tomes and the chance for rewards to drop. That content can also be solo'd if you're not keen on doing anything with random people and your friends are busy. 

Hunt Trains can also be a great option for gathering Causality tomestones, and will also serve in collecting some other currencies to spend. Each Hunt Train will award 360 Causality tomestones per run if you can get the max participation each time. The problem is that the Hunt Trains can be few and far between, and take a lot of coordination. Hanging out in Discords like Fallop! can indicate when Hunt Trains will happen and what servers they're on, but it isn't spammable content like Alliance Raids or PvP.

While farming Tomestones of Causality isn't necessarily a fast process, sticking to doing the daily Duty Roulettes and sprinkling in some other game modes like PvP, Variant Dungeons, Hunt Trains, and current content, tomestone farming won't feel so much like a grind.

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