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How to Farm Allied Seals in FFXIV

The fastest way to farm Allied Seals isn’t what you think it is…

Allied Seals are an uncommon currency in Final Fantasy XIV that are rewarded for killing specific mobs in the overworld, dungeons, FATEs, and other locations. But with just a few Seals for each kill, grinding up these highly valuable pieces of currency isn’t easy.

Typically gained by completing The Hunt, Allied Seals are a currency that most players don't discover until they're deeper into the game. Seals are gained in a variety of ways, but the most obvious is through The Hunt. This content tasks players with going around to kill Elite Marks, which have different ranks. A Rank and S Rank mobs award Allied Seals for marks in A Realm Reborn, but don't require players to take anything from the Hunt Board and can simply go from mark to mark without any preparation. Regular marks and B Rank marks must be taken from the Hunt Board before completing them to earn the reward. 

Although Shadowbringers and Endwalker have dedicated groups that go around and farm Elite Marks for the currencies they give, it's much harder to find people running trains for ARR, Heavensward, and Stormblood, since the marks are easy enough to kill with a level 90 character. 

Even the most dedicated participant in The Hunt will struggle to amass Allied Seals to unlock vital materials such as Chocobo feed and riding maps. But it turns out, the best way to obtain Allied Seals is not to take part in The Hunt, but a different, more niche duty. Here’s the fastest way to farm Allied Seals in FFXIV.

The Best Way to Farm Allied Seals in FFXIV

The best method for farming Allied Seals in all of FFXIV is via the Blue Mage Log, and Masked Carnivale. Despite the currency being tied to The Hunt, it’s the Blue Mage Log that offers much better rates of Allied Seal drops.

To unlock the Blue Mage Log, you’ll need to level your Blue Mage to level 60 and complete the quest “Blue Scream of Death.” Once you’ve completed this, you’ll have access to the Blue Mage Log, which can be found by selecting the tab in the Blue Mage Spellbook in the Character menu. The Log has a list of almost 100 duties, which can be completed for anywhere between 10 and 400 Allied Seals.

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Each Duty has a first-time reward, and then other duties, usually Raids and Extreme Trials will have the potential to be a Weekly Target. This will drastically boost their reward. Each week there’s also a Prime Target which will grant several hundred Allied Seals if completed.

The Blue Mage log must be completed in a party with the “Unrestricted Party” option disabled. Each Duty will have a required number of Blue Mages for it to count towards a Blue Mage log, which is different depending on what content you're running. Upon entering a Duty, a message reading “The party fulfills the blue mage log requirements for this duty. Completion will count towards blue mage log progress” well appear if done correctly.

Completed weekly, the Blue Mage Log has the potential to be the best source of Allied Seals in the game, especially compared to the minimal amount offered by The Hunt.

What to buy with Allied Seals

There are a plethora of things players can buy with Allied Seals, including Riding Maps, minions, and crafting materials. There is a long list of armor that can be purchased as well. In order to trade in your Allied Seals, head to the Hunt Billmaster that is stationed near your Grand Company, and they will have the ability to trade for what you want. 

If you've got all of the weapons, armor and minions that you were missing from the Hunt Billmaster, the best thing to buy at the NPC is the Striking Dummy for 180 Allied Seals. These typically go for several hundred thousand gil on the Market Board. 

For example, Aether Midgardsormer, the Glade Striking Dummy is going for almost 200 thousand gil. The price will fluctuate based on your world and the current market, but you can always check Universalis to see what the price of the dummy from your Grand Company is going for on your server.

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