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How to Farm Allagan Tomestones of Comedy in FFXIV

The new high-end tomestones won't be difficult to get, but they might be tough to get in great quantities.

If you’re looking to acquire some of the best gear in Final Fantasy XIV, then you need to get on board with the latest Allagan Tomestones. The for Patch 6.5 these are Allagan Tomestones of Comedy, which stands as the new end-game currency. Players can earn them by completing high-level Duties.

If you’re looking to tackle the hardest content in FFXIV, including Savage raids, Ultimates, and Extreme Trials, then you’ll need the gear from acquiring Tomestones of Comedy. This gear is Item Level 650, setting the current raiding community up for proper success.

How to earn Tomestones of Comedy fast

Picking up Allagan Tomestones of Comedy is the same as previous high-end tomestones. The primary method of acquiring them is through daily Duty Roulettes. You will need to be doing the Duty Roulette on a level 90 job in order to receive the rewards below.

  • Expert: 60 Causality, 40 Comedy — plus an additional 50 Comedy for dungeon completion
  • Level 90 Dungeons: 100 Causality, 15 Comedy — plus an additional 20 Comedy for dungeon completion
  • Leveling: 100 Causality, 20 Comedy
  • Trials: 60 Causality, 15 Comedy
  • Main Scenario: 100 Causality, 50 Comedy (and 350 Poetics)
  • Alliance Raids: 120 Causality, 50 Comedy (and 120 Poetics) — plus an additional 20 Comedy for Thaleia or 15 for Aglaia and Euphrosyne
  • Normal Raids: 60 Causality, 20 Comedy (and 80 Poetics) — plus an additional five Comedy for Asphodelos or Abyssos, and 10 for Anabaseios.
  • Mentor: 30 Causality, 10 Comedy
  • Frontline: 50 Causality, 20 Comedy

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The Expert Duty Roulette is one of the fastest methods, as you’ll get the roulette rewards plus another 50 Allagan Tomestones of Comedy for completing the associated Dungeon. This latter reward is also given for any clear of these dungeons, so you can run them again and again outside the Duty Roulette. Note, there is a weekly cap, meaning you can only gain up to 450 Allagan Tomestones of Comedy per week, with reset occurring every Tuesday.

Allagan Tomestones of Comedy are also earned from other content in FFXIV.

Like the Duty Roulette, you must be on a level 90 job to gain Comedy Tomestones from these activities. Although these are methods of gaining a few more Comedy Tomestones, completing your Duty Roulettes and polishing off high-end dungeons is still the fastest way to acquire them.

PvP is a quick way to farm Comedy Tomestones fast

Player versus player content isn't for everyone, but if you're looking to gain Comedy Tomestones and you're out of your daily Duty Roulettes, Crystalline Conflict is one of the fastest ways to farm Comedy Tomestones. A Ranked or Casual match takes anywhere from five to 10 minutes, and awards 10 Comedy Tomestones upon completion. The queues are usually pretty fast, too. 

Even if you lose, you get 10 tomestones per 10 minutes (assuming each match goes longer than the average). For the sake of this article, we tested how long it would take from queue to finish for a single Crystalline Conflict match. Queuing took about two minutes, and the match itself took eight minutes with a little bit of overtime. On average, players can expect to earn about 60 tomestones per hour if they grind CC matches.

Where to find the tomestone vendor for new gear

You’ll be exchanging those hard-earned Tomestones of Comedy to Cihanti in Radz-at-Han (X: 10.8, Y: 10.3). She sells all the necessary gear for all Jobs, all of which are at a sweet Item Level 650. She’s the same NPC offering the old Lunar Envoy gear for Tomestones of Causality. The prices for the new gear is as follows:

  • Head: 495 tomestones
  • Body: 825 tomestones
  • Hands: 495 tomestones
  • Legs: 825 tomestones
  • Feet: 495 tomestones
  • Weapons: 500 tomestones plus a Hermetic Tomestone
  • Accessories: 375 tomestones each

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