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Here's a Brief FFXIV Legendary Gathering Route with Maps for Endwalker

Check out every Legendary node in Endwalker as efficiently as possible.

The various Legendary gathering nodes in FFXIV take a long time to unlock and a great deal of patience to conquer. The new ones found in each Endwalker patch are no different. You need high-level gathering gear, some halfway decent Materia, and a load of White Gatherers’ Scrips to even start. Once you’ve gotten all that you still need to wait. Literally. Legendary crafting materials only appear during specific times of the virtual day — twice every 24 in-game hours.

Luckily, there’s a bit of a rhythm to this. Players that know exactly where to go and what to do can hit every single node in quick succession without stopping. This is a good way to maximize your crafting material yields (and/or your profits). Hence the purpose of this Legendary node route guide for Endwalker!

This is by no means meant to be a fully comprehensive guide to playing a Disciple of the Land (a.k.a. a Botanist or Miner) in Final Fantasy. It’s intended for players who already know a fair bit of what they’re doing. Not to mention it won’t list every gathered material found across Endwalker. I simply found myself trying to optimize my gathering route through the expansion areas already. Rather than keep that info to myself, I put the details down on a series of maps. You can look at them for yourself below.

These maps represent each new region introduced in the Endwalker expansion. They’re presented in the order in which Legendary gathering nodes appear, starting at 00:00, or midnight “Eorzea Time.” Each also provides several important icons:

  • White triangles indicate my recommended Aetheryte to teleport to first
  • The colored arrows point from that Aetheryte to wherever the Legendary nodes spawn
  • Purple circles and text indicate mining areas
  • Green circles and text indicate botany areas
  • Blue circles indicate normal gathering nodes, along with my recommended items to gather there
  • The numbers by each Legendary node indicate what time that Legendary node spawns in-game (measured in Eorzea Time)
  • Ephemeral Nodes are a different kind of special, time-limited gathering point in FFXIV; they’re not the focus of this guide, but the locations have been included for completion’s sake

The nice thing about Endwalker Legendary nodes is that each lasts for exactly two in-game hours (just a few minutes in real life). Since there are six nodes, and each one spawns twice per virtual day, there is never not a Level 90 Legendary node active at any given time. You can move from one, to the next, to the next, and so on indefinitely. Just as long as your gear and patience hold up! This allows one to map out the most time-efficient cycle by simply teleporting to each zone in the numbered order shown by the maps below.

The blue circled “normal” gathering nodes, meanwhile, act as a way to recharge GP (the mana equivalent for Disciples of the Land). Gathering regenerates GP faster than simply standing around. That makes it more efficient — and more profitable — to gather extra materials or crystals if you pick a Legendary node clean early and have time to recharge. While not every basic material available at these nodes is listed in my guide, I did label the ones I think are most valuable out of the options available. Your mileage may vary on what’s worth what, as well, since Market Board prices fluctuate over time and according to Data Center.

Finally, I’ve included a few special notes beneath each map to provide more specific tips and context for what’s worth gathering. With all that preamble out of the way, here’s the latest Legendary gathering route for FFXIV!

FFXIV Legendary Gathering Route Garlemald

1. Garlemald Legendary Miner Node: Rime Dolomite, Raw Eblan Danburite, Stonehard Water

  • Coordinates (X: 32.1, Y: 34.8)
  • Red Pine Logs aren’t especially useful but spawn right next to the Aetheryte
  • Eblan Alumen is right on the way to the Legendary node and is used to create leather for endgame equipment
  • Rime Dolomite requires 2,990 Perception to gather
  • Raw Eblan Danburite requires 3,230 Perception to gather
  • Stonehard Water is a “generic” Legendary material that appears at all Legendary mining points in Endwalker

FFXIV Legendary Gathering Route Mare Lamentorum

2. Mare Lamentorum Legendary Miner Node: Lunar Adamantite, Stonehard Water

  • Coordinates (X: 9.5, Y: 23.3)
  • None of the normal materials here are especially useful, except for the Lunar Quartz when it’s available
  • Lunar Adamtatite requires 2,990 Perception to gather
  • Stonehard Water is a “generic” Legendary material that appears at all Legendary mining points in Endwalker

FFXIV Legendary Gathering Route Elpis

3. Elpis Legendary Miner Node: Rhodium Sand, Stonehard Water

  • Coordinates (X: 13.5, Y: 7.1)
  • Sykon is very useful for farming Purple Crafters’ Scrips
  • Ambrosial Water is useful for farming White Crafters’ Scrips by making Rarefied Draughts
  • Annite is used to create Star Quartz, a gem used in several endgame crafts
  • Manganese isn’t terribly useful but it’s on the way from the first node to the second; consider farming Fire Crystals from these points instead
  • Rhodium Sand requires 2,990 Perception to gather
  • Stonehard Water is a “generic” Legendary material that appears at all Legendary mining points in Endwalker

4. Elpis Legendary Botanist Node: Mempisang Log, Potent Spice

  • Coordinates (X: 33.1, Y: 14.7)
  • Elpis is the one and only zone in Endwalker (so far) that has both a Legendary Botanist node and a Legendary Miner node
  • Mempisang Logs requires 2,990 Perception to gather
  • Potent Spice is a “generic” Legendary material that appears at all Legendary botany points in Endwalker

FFXIV Legendary Gathering Route Thavnair

5. Thavnair Legendary Botanist Node: Golden Cocoon, Thavnairian Corn, Potent Spice

  • Coordinates (X: 25.2, Y: 21.6)
  • Pewter Ore isn’t terribly useful, but it’s the best option for Miners in this region
  • Palm Syrup is also very useful for farming Purple Crafters’ Scrips
  • Thavnairian Perillia Leaf and Thavnairian Paprika are both used in Level 90 Master Recipe food items
  • Rhodium Sand requires 2,990 Perception to gather
  • Thavnairian Corn requires 3,230 Perception to gather
  • Potent Spice is a “generic” Legendary material that appears at all Legendary botany points in Endwalker

FFXIV Legendary Gathering Route Ultima Thule

6. Ultima Thule Legendary Botanist Node: Double-edged Herb, Potent Spice

  • Coordinates (X: 28.0, Y: 13.2)
  • Ar-Caean Bolls, Chondrite, and Integral Logs are all used for several pieces of endgame equipment
  • Alien Onion is used in some of the new endgame food items for Culinarians
  • Raw Star Quartz is, unsurprisingly, also used to make Star Quartz, a gem used in several endgame crafts
  • Double-edged Herb requires 2,990 Perception to gather
  • Potent Spice is a “generic” Legendary material that appears at all Legendary botany points in Endwalker

FFXIV Legendary Gathering Route Labyrinthos

Bonus: Labyrinthos Legendary Nodes: There Aren’t Any!

Labyrinthos is the odd zone out in this one. There are no Legendary nodes here. I’ve only included it for completion’s sake. Perhaps the most important thing to notice here is the Ewer Clay, which is found in Ephemeral Nodes and also used in several endgame crafts. Dark Rye and Iceberg Lettuce are also included in several Level 90 Culinarian Master Recipes (i.e. endgame food).

How to Gather from Endwalker Legendary Nodes

Every Legendary gathering node in FFXIV is invisible until you have the right item. These are known as Tomes of Folklore. You can purchase the appropriate copies for Endwalker at the Splendors Vendor NPC in Radz-at-Han (X: 11.3, Y: 9.1). Each goes for 16 copies of another special item: the “Regional Folklore Trader’s Token C.” This wordy token can, in turn, be purchased right next to the Splendors Vendor at the Scrip Exchange NPC (X: 11.5, Y: 9.4). She sells each token for 100 White Gatherers’ Scrips. Just check the shop category “Gatherers’ Scrip (Materials/Misc.)” and the subcategory “White Scrip Exchange (Lv. 90 Bait/Tokens).” Once you have 16 tokens in hand you can acquire any given tome.

Each Tome of Folklore opens is tied to either Botanists or Miners and permanently unlocks Legendary nodes for that class in two areas. For example, the “Tome of Botanical Folklore – Ilsabard and the Northern Empty.” This lets you see Legendary Botanist nodes in Garlemald, Thavnair, and Labyrinthos since all of these zones are found in the Ilsabard and Northern Empty regions. It sounds complicated, at first, but I promise it gets easier after you purchase your first tome and try for yourself!

ffxiv clock type

Final Tips – Endwalker Legendary Nodes

Since this guide started as me simply writing down useful information I slowly memorized over time, I figured I’d end on a few more basic tips. This should all be old news to anyone who’s been gathering for a long time. If you’re a newcomer, however, I hope these provide some extra info!

  • Disciples of the Land should find the menu labeled Character Configuration HUD → Clock Type. Here you can set the FFXIV clock to “24-hour Format” and “Eorzea Time.” This will save you the trouble of mentally converting the times listed in your Gathering Log (which use the 24-hour Format) into common time measurements.
  • Use Gatherer’s Guile Materia XIII to reach the 3,230 Perception. This is the highest level of Materia from last expansion, Shadowbringers, and much cheaper than the new stuff. You can reach the minimum Perception requirement for all Legendary materials this way for the cheapest possible price!
  • Speaking of Materia: extract it often. Legendary nodes build up “Spiritbond” on your gear much, much faster than any normal gathering point. You’ll see a flash on your character and hear a loud sound when something becomes 100 percent bonded. When it does, use the “Extract” command on that gear to produce a piece of free Materia. Rinse and repeat.
  • Bring some Grade 8 Dark Matter. This will allow you to repair your own gear in the field without needing to return home and pay an NPC mender. Self-repair is much cheaper than having an NPC do it. Not to mention you can repair your equipment up to 200 percent durability this way.
  • Don’t sleep on crystals — particularly Fire Crystals. Harvesting these is a great way to recharge your GP between Legendary nodes. They don’t clutter up your inventory and everybody needs them. So much so that they sell for a pretty decent price on the Market Board if you sell in bulk. Fire Crystals are currently the most-used type in Level 90 crafts, followed by Wind Crystals. Whereas Water Crystals are always useful for food and alchemy.

And that’s all there is for my little Legendary gathering route in FFXIV: Endwalker! Best of luck getting what you need and crafting your own endgame gear with minimal fuss.

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