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Full FFXIV Gold Saucer Fashion Report Guide — Week 303

Every MMO player knows that the real end-game content is fashion.

In Final Fantasy XIV‘s Gold Saucer, players can be found playing mini-games, racing chocobos, playing Triple Triad, and more. But one of the staples of the week is always the Fashion Report, an easy way to get MGP in order to save up for that expensive mount that requires millions of the currency to purchase.

The game celebrates the true end-game content by creating a way for players to earn an easy 60,000 MGP through the Fashion Report. Each week, players are tasked with creating a new look to impress the Masked Rose with, and if you’re deemed worthy enough, he’ll reward you with the currency, and there’s even a title to be earned.

For those unfamiliar with the Fashion Report, it can be a bit confusing. Luckily, there are resources out there for players to use to determine what to put on to impress the Masked Rose every week. The Fashion Report resets each Tuesday at 12am PT, but submissions only open for judging on Fridays, meaning players have from Friday morning until reset time on Tuesday to get their outfits inspected.

How to unlock Final Fantasy XIV‘s Fashion Report

Before the Fashion Report becomes available, players must first unlock the Gold Saucer. The area is unlocked once players reach level 15 on any job and have completed either The Ul’dahn Envoy, The Gridanian Envoy, or The Lominsan Envoy. These are Main Scenario Quests, so don’t worry about missing them, you won’t. However, once you’ve completed those quests, you will need to find the quest “It Could Happen to You” from the Well-heeled Youth in Ul’dah (X:9 Y:9). Complete the questline and you should be able to see a blue quest called “Passion for Fashion,” which is given by Lewena at X:4.8 Y:6.1.

Once you’ve completed those quests, it will unlock the Fashion Report and players will be able to earn their weekly MGP by following some simple steps. Figuring out the Fashion Report can be difficult, so members of the community have taken it upon themselves to share the easiest ways to easily get the points to earn the maximum amount of the currency with the smallest effort.

How to get a good Fashion Report score

The Fashion Report requires players to put on specific gear dyed in specific colors in order to get a maximum score each week. Getting a score of at least 80 will award players 60,000 MGP, while getting a 100 will award the MGP and a title. Each week, the Fashion Report changes and gives a new theme. Players need to figure out what items go with the theme in order to get a high score. Luckily, the community has a resource in Kaiyoko Star, who posts a visual guide on the Fashion Report each week which tells players what gear to slot in which positions in order to get the score they want. Those who want the information straight from them can follow them on Discord or on Twitter.

The items required for Fashion Report judging don’t need to actually be worn. If they exist in your Glamour Dresser, you can simply create a new plate with the glamours dyed the correct color and in the correct slots, and the judging will be on what you have glammed instead of what you are actually wearing. Similarly, you can use Glamour Prisms if you don’t want to take up precious Glamour Dresser space.

Final Fantasy XIV Fashion Report guide for week 303

100 points

  • Head piece
  • Chest piece
    • Militia Harness - crafted by level 50 Leatherworker or purchased from the market board
      • Soot Black dye
  • Leg piece
    • Any dyeable leg piece
      • Loam Brown dye
  • Feet piece
    • Any dyeable feet piece 
      • Soot Black dye
  • Ring (must go in the right ring slot)

80 points

  • Chest piece
    • Melitia Harness
  • Feet piece
    • Any dyeable feet piece
      • Soot Black dye

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