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FFXIV Shadowbringers Shared FATEs Guide

From Lakeland to the Tempest, SHB Shared Fates and Bicolor Gemstones unlock exclusive minion, housing, and orchestrion rewards at rank 3.

In Final Fantasy XIV, Shared FATEs began back in Shadowbringers, and the grind to Rank 3 in its zones yields a hefty bounty in Bicolor Gemstones. For players looking to make easy Gil in FFXIV, or for anyone interested in Shared FATE rewards from Shadowbringers, we’ll break down what you can exchange your Bicolor Gemstones for in all six areas and explain how to unlock Shared FATE vendors in Eulmore and The Crystarium.

Shared FATE vendors have a few extra goodies, like Materia, Glamour Prisms, Dark Matter, and Cordials. Those items are available throughout all of the Shadowbringers Shared Fate vendors, so we’ll break those out separately. If you’re looking to collect everything from the Bicolor Gemstone grind, we’ve also got a list of FFXIV Endwalker Shared FATEs and rewards.

Tips for Grinding Shadowbringers Shared FATEs and Ranks

In our zone charts below, you’ll notice FFXIV Shared FATE rewards are available at different Ranks ranging from one to three. Every vendor offers new items upon reaching the next rank, and you start at Rank 1 by completing one FATE. You’ll reach Rank 2 after completing six FATEs and Rank 3 at the 60 FATEs milestone. After reaching Rank 3 in all of Shadowbringers’ six zones, Eulmore and The Crystarium will open up their exclusive vendors, both of which offer all of the zone crafting materials plus housing items and orchestrion rolls limited to these merchants.

While you’re working on grinding ranks in all of Shadowbringers’ Shared FATEs, pay close attention to an event’s progress on the map. If you’re on the other side of Lakeland and a FATE is at 90% completion, don’t waste your time trying to run there. You need to receive full credit for completing a FATE for it to count towards a zone’s progress, so that means getting the max reward of 72 Bicolor Gemstones per Shared FATE.

It’s worth noting you don’t have to complete a single FATE in any zone to access the Rank 1 offerings from the shop, either. If you’re capped on Bicolor Gemstones and want to grab crafting materials from Kholusia but haven’t completed a single FATE there, that’s fine. It’s essential to watch your Bicolor Gemstones and make sure you don’t exceed the 1,000 cap on the currency — that’s potential profit wasted. Always go to an area merchant, whether in Endwalker or Shadowbringers, and spend gemstones on something to sell.

FATEs are also a great source of experience, so pay attention to the level requirements in the zone you’re grinding. And if you’re in Kholusia or The Tempest, be on the lookout for players shouting about Formidable or Archaeotania spawns. Both of these are fights exclusive to these zones, rewarding their own unique currencies and a heftier bounty of 72 Bicolor Gemstones.

As a final note, Shadowbringers’ Shared FATE rewards are quite different from Endwalker. Most rewards in Endwalker that are not crafting items can’t be traded, so you won’t be able to sell them on the Market Board. However, in Shadowbringers, you can trade orchestrion rolls and furniture acquired from Bicolor Gemstones. It’s an easy way to make some quick FFXIV Gil, and work on alternate combat Jobs in the process.

Lakeland – Shared FATE Rewards and Ranks

FFXIV SHB Lakeland Bicolor Gemstone Vendors


Lakeland’s vendor, Siulmet (X: 35.5, Y: 20.6), is in Fort Jobb. FATEs throughout Lakeland are perfect for early Shadowbringers leveling, as their recommended participation level sits around 71.

Item Bicolor Gemstone Cost Shared Fate Rank
Deepshadow Barding 350 3
The Source Orchestrion Roll 350 3
Unchanging, Everchanging Orchestrion Roll 350 2
Lakeland Riding Map 70 1
Lakeland Elf Tree 30 1
Gnoll Card 20 1
Lakeland Flower Garden 10 1
Smilodon Skin 2 1
Silkmoth Scales 1 1
Hoptrap Leaf 1 1

Amh Araeng – Shared FATE Rewards and Ranks

FFXIV Bicolor Gemstone Rewards at Rank 3

Amh Araeng’s vendor, Halden (X: 10.6, Y: 17.1), hangs out at the Twine Aetheryte. FATEs in this area hover around level 70 – 71 in the west, but when you return later in the Shadowbringers MSQ, you can participate in level 76 – 77 battles.

Item Bicolor Gemstone Cost Shared Fate Rank
Micro Gigantender 400 3
Sands of Amber Orchestrion Roll 350 3
Sands of Blood Orchestrion Roll 350 2
Amh Araeng Riding Map 70 2
Zonure Skin 2 1
Ovim Fleece 2 1
Ovim Meat 1 1

Il Mheg – Shared FATE Rewards and Ranks

Where to get Bicolor Gemstone Rewards in FFIXV Shadowbringers

The Bicolor Gemstone vendor in Il Mheg, Sul Lad (X: 16.3, Y: 30.8), is near Lydha Lran. These FFXIV SHB Shared Fates are home to battles for levels 73 – 74, with those requirements increasing the farther north you travel.

Item Bicolor Gemstone Cost Shared Fate Rank
Little Leafman 400 3
Fierce and Free Orchestrion Roll 350 3
Butterfly Specimen 100 3
A Reason to Live Orchestrion Roll 350 2
The Faerie Ring Orchestrion Roll 350 2
Il Mheg Riding Map 70 2
Keeper of the Keys Card 60 2
Flower Basket Card 40 2
Green Glider Skin 2 1
Lorikeet Down 2 1
Lorikeet Egg 1 1

Kholusia – Shared FATE Rewards and Ranks

FFXIV Shadowbringers Shared Fates Rewards

The Kholusia vendor, Zumutt (X: 11.8, Y:8.8), is closest to the Tomra teleport. You visit this area at the beginning and end of Shadowbringers, so its FATE level requirements have pretty drastic recommend level differences. In the north, you’ll find FATEs hovering around level 78; in the south, they’re 70 – 71.

This area is also home to the FATE A Finale Most Formidable, which spawns a boss sharing the namesake – Formidable. The big froggy baddie gives you 72 Bicolor Gemstones at full credit and six Formidable Cogs for trading in Eulmore.

Item Bicolor Gemstone Cost Shared Fate Rank
A World Divided Orchestrion Roll 350 3
Formidable Card 200 3
The Quick Way Orchestrion Roll 350 2
Forgiven Obscenity Card 100 2
Kholusia Riding Map 70 2
Island Wolf Fang 1 1
Rail Tenderloin 1 1

The Rak’tika Greatwood – Shared FATE Rewards and Ranks

FFXIV Bicolor Gemstone Vendor Raktika Greatwoods

The Rak’tika Greatwood vendor, Nacille (X: 27.8, Y: 18.2), waits near the Fanow Aetheryte. FATEs in the La-Hee zone stick to the level 74 and 75 range, so change up your jobs accordingly as the encounters get a bit tougher.

Item Bicolor Gemstone Cost Shared Fate Rank
Butterfly Effect 400 3
Civilizations Orchestrion Roll 350 3
A Hopeless Race Orchestrion Roll 350 2
Huaca Card 100 2
Greatwood Planter 100 2
Rak’tika Greatwood Riding Map 70 2
Atrociraptor Skin 2 1
Vampire Vine Sap 1 1
Vampire Cup Vine 1 1

The Tempest – Shared FATE Rewards and Rank

ffxiv shared fates shadowbringers in the Tempest

The Tempest’s Bicolor Gemstone merchant, Goushs Ooan (X: 33.1, Y: 18.0), waits for you at The Ondo Cups. As Shadowbringers’ last zone, you can expect mobs here to hit a little harder, with FATE level recommendations hovering around 78 and 79.

Archaeotania, a FATE boss in The Tempest, spawns in the level 80 encounter The Head, the Tail, the Whole Damned Thing. Like with Formidable, you’ll get 72 Bicolor Gemstones for completing the FATE, along with the six Archaeotania’s Horns.

Item Bicolor Gemstone Cost Shared Fate Rank
Full Fathom Five Orchestrion Roll 350 3
Stuffed Clionid 100 3
Bedlam’s Brink Orchestrion Roll 350 2
Neath Dark Waters Orchestrion Roll 350 2
Therion Card 250 2
Tempest Riding Map 70 2
Amaurot Wall Lamp 50 2
Akadaemia Prospectuses 50 2
Sea Swallow Skin 2 1
Cubus Flesh 2 1
Hydrozoan Umbrella 2 1

Eulmore – FFXIV Shared Fate Rewards & Rank 3 Vendors

How to unlock the FFXIV Shared Fates Rank 3 Bicolor Gemstone vendor in Eulmore

The Eulmore Bicolor Gemstone vendor, Pedronille (X: 10.5, Y: 12.1), isn’t available until you reach Rank 3 in every FFXIV Shadowbringers Shared FATEs zone. Pedronille sells all of the usual crafting materials, plus the fancy Wine Rack, Dancer Barding for Chocobos, and No Greater Sorrow Orchestrion Roll.

Item Bicolor Gemstone Cost
Indulgence Orchestrion Roll 350
Masquerade Orchestrion Roll 350
No Greater Sorrow Orchestrion Roll 350
Dancer Barding 350
Decadent Fruit Platter 100
Rope Stanchion 25
Wine Rack 25

The Crystarium – FFXIV Shared Fate Rewards & Rank 3 Vendors

The unique Bicolor Gemstone vendor in The Crystarium and all of its FFXIV Shadowbringers Shared Fates rewards

The Crystarium’s, Gramsol (X: 12.7, Y: 10.4), also isn’t available until you reach Rank 3 in all six of FFXIV Shadowbringers zones. Gramsol offers all of the crafting materials from those areas, in addition to exclusive goodies like the Amaro Hatchling minion, and housing furnishings like the Cardpaper Box and Milk Carton.

Item Bicolor Gemstone Cost
The Dark Which Illuminates the World Orchestrion Roll 350
Knowledge Never Sleeps Orchestrion Roll 350
Dancer Barding 350
Allagan Tomestone of Frivolity 100
Crystarium Wall Chronometer 100
Cardpaper Box 10
Milk Carton 10

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