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FFXIV Omega Raids Guide — How to Unlock Them & Where They Begin

Before going Beyond the Rift in FFXIV Patch 6.15, you'll need to complete The Hunt for Omega.

Final Fantasy XIV launched its Omega raid series back in Stormblood. While those gear pieces may no longer be best-in-slot, its emotional story beats carry relevance all the way into Endwalker — and they’re full of Final Fantasy nostalgia. Whether you’re a lore fiend, a fashion guru, or just in it for the flashy fights, the Omega encounters are still worth completing.

Like all of the eight-player main raid series preceding and following it, Omega sends you through three tiers of fights, each with four boss battles. Seeing the story to its end means completing Omega Deltascape, Omega Sigmascape, and Omega Alphascape, but it’s worth it for players looking to catch up with beloved baby Alpha in FFXIV patch 6.15. Here’s a guide to unlocking the Omega raids in FFXIV.

How to Unlock the FFXIV Omega Raids

To unlock the Omega raids, you’ll need to complete FFXIV‘s main scenario quest, Stormblood, so finish up all of version 4.0. With that wrapped up, you can speak to Wedge in Rhalgr’s Reach (X: 12.6, Y: 12.4) to begin The Hunt for Omega questline. Follow the conversation by chatting with Biggs and learn about your once-unlikely ally heading into the raid. This sets the scene for Omega: Deltascape, Sigmascape, and Alphascape.

FFXIV How to Unlock and Complete Omega Raids Deltascape

Completing Omega Deltascape

The first tier of Omega breaks Deltascape up into six quests, some of which require completing a fight to proceed. You’ll need to be ilvl 295 before you can begin these next few encounters.

  • The Hunt for Omega
  • Into the Deltascape
    • Defeat Alte Roite (Deltascape V1.0)
  • A Catastrophe Waiting
    • Defeat Catastrophe (Deltascape V2.0)
  • The Croak Queen
    • Defeat Halicarnassus (Deltascape V3.0)
  • A Void at All Costs
    • Defeat Exdeath (Deltascape V4.0)
  • The Anomaly

How to unlock and complete the Omega Raids Sigmascape

Completing Omega Sigmascape

Omega’s second tier brings five more quests with an ilvl 325 requirement.

  • Return to the Rift
  • No Slowing Down
    • Defeat Ghost Train (Sigmascape V1.0)
  • An Unfinished Masterpiece
    • Defeat Chadarnook (Sigmascape V2.0)
  • Won’t Let You Pass
    • Defeat Guardian (Sigmascape V3.0)
  • Test World of Ruin
    • Defeat Kefka (Sigmascape V4.0)

How to unlock Omega Alphascape in FFXIV

Completing Omega Alphascape

The final Omega encounters wrap things up for an emotional end, but you’ll need to hit ilvl 355 before you can enter.

  • In the Beginning, There Was Chaos
    • Defeat Chaos (Alphascape V1.0)
  • And Like Fire Was His Mane
    • Defeat Midgardsormr (Alphascape V2.0)
  • In the End, There is Omega
    • Defeat Omega (Alphascape V3.0)
    • Defeat Omega-M & Omega-F (Alphascape V4.0)
  • To Kweh Under Distant Skies

How to Complete the FFXIV Omega Raids

Old raids in FFXIV can pose a challenge for slower DPS queues, but if you want to experience the normal versions of these fights with their item level requirements synced down, queue up from the Duty Finder. Otherwise, you can take on this content unsynced to blow through the fights and get back to the story quickly.

If you don’t mind bulldozing through these old bosses, go ahead and open up the Duty Finder menu, then click the Settings cog in the upper left corner. You should see a Duty Finder Settings window pop up, and you can begin unsynced encounters by selecting Unrestricted Party. Hit Confirm, then Join with your intended duty selected.

How to unsync old raids and dungeons in FFXIV

This process lets you fight old FFXIV content unsynced, which means you’ll be able to use your current gear, abilities, and equipment. It makes most fights far easier than they were at launch, and even removes the usual party requirements so that you can solo them or play with just a few friends.

For Omega, you may be able to solo most of the bosses with an Endwalker-era kit, but we don’t recommend it. It’ll take a while to whittle away the HP of some of those beefier bosses, and things will move much faster if you bring just a couple of folks along.

Why is Omega Important in Endwalker?

We’ll assume you want the least spoilery version of this story we can offer, so we’ll keep it brief. For those of you who have yet to begin Endwalker, just know that Omega’s plot threads return in some heavy-hitting ways, especially towards the end. The story may hold its own without finishing up here, but you’re likely to miss quite a few references that would have otherwise driven you to tears.

There’s also a bit of post-Endwalker content tied to the raid, like the Omega: Beyond the Rift sidequest line arriving in Patch 6.15. It’ll dive into the Omicron, which will be familiar to those who finished FFXIV version 6.0, and may bring a bit more context to those complaints you’ve heard about regarding waiting for Chi to spawn.

And if you’re among those all done with the Omega raids, Endwalker, and Chi, remember there’s always a little more lore to go digging for in FFXIV. You should try reading Omega’s side story, A World Forsaken, which dives into events from the Eighth Umbral Calamity.

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