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How to Unlock Ameliance Custom Deliveries in FFXIV Patch 6.15

Crafters and Gatherers of rejoice! Custom Deliveries for Endwalker are here. We hope you like doing chores for Ameliance (for a good cause).

Patch 6.15 for Final Fantasy XIV is here and there is a ton of sweet new content. We have a full breakdown of the FFXIV 6.15 patch notes, but here, we’re going to focus on how to unlock and locate the new FFXIV Ameliance Custom Deliveries. This is the content everyone’s been waiting for — running errands for Ameliance Leveilleur. Mother of Alisaie and Alphinaud, wife of Sharlayan leader Fourchenalt, and co-conspirator of Scion leader Tataru, Ameliance is a force to be reckoned with. And now, Disciples of the Land and Hand can be of service for her!

This is truer than ever, in fact. The Ameliance Custom Deliveries quest is, quite literally, all about forgiving student loan debt to foreign newcomers in Old Sharlayan. We won’t spoil too much here, but it’s very fun to see the mother of Alphinaud and Alisaie absolutely run game on one of the slyest characters in FFXIV in her pursuit of fair education.

Prerequisites for Ameliance Custom Deliveries

First thing’s first, you need to have finished Endwalker MSQ (ending with the quest titled “Endwalker”). Additionally, you’ll need to have a Disciples of the Hand or Land Job at level 80 or higher. You must also have completed the quest titled “Go West, Craftsman” — this is a level 60 quest that high-level crafters and gatherers should have done already. If you haven’t done this yet, you must do the “Inscrutable Tastes” quest located in Ishgard at Foundation (X: 10.1, Y: 10.4) first, then “Go West, Craftsman” located in Mor Dhona (X: 22.0, Y: 6.0).

For Disciples of the Hand, it’s further worth noting that the following Custom Deliveries are all Level 80 crafts. You should be able to craft the collectables required quite easily if you’ve reached that level with the appropriate gear. However, since they are Level 80 recipes, that means the skill “Trained Eye” does work! Level 90 crafters can all but instantly finish the collectables by using “Trained Eye” to reach maximum collectability score.

Ameliance Custom Deliveries Quest Location

If you have all of that out of the way, you will be able to access the Ameliance Custom Deliveries unlock quest titled “Of Mothers and Merchants” from the NPC Well-dressed Attendant in Old Sharlayan (X: 12.6, Y: 9.7). Shortly after, you can begin doing the new Endwalker era Custom Deliveries.

You can complete a total of 12 custom deliveries per week. However, you can only perform six Ameliance Custom Deliveries at a time (just like with every other NPC). Thus slowing down your rank-up progress. The activity will still award you with Gil, EXP, as well as Crafters’ Scrips or Gatherers’ Scrips. Completing custom deliveries will also raise Ameliance’s satisfaction level. There are two additional quests you can unlock — one after you reach satisfaction level 4 with Ameliance, and another once you reach satisfaction level 5.

For crafters, the Custom Deliveries’ recipes can of course be found in the “Custom Deliveries” tab of your Special Recipes in your Crafting Log. Find it under the Logs menu! You can turn any of these collectables in to Ameliance inside the Leveilleur Estate once her initial quest is completed.

FFXIV will also warn you with a popup message if you’re about to hit cap out on Crafters’ Scrips or Gatherers’ Scrips. You absolutely don’t want to let this happen. Thankfully, you can cash scrips in at a nearby Scrip Exchange NPC inside the Studium in Old Sharlayan. Just use the Aethernet crystal outside the Leveilleur Estate to transport there!

Ameliance Custom Deliveries Materials

Every Custom Delivery in FFXIV requires crating materials! Though the game doesn’t tell you where to find the merchant that sells them. You might think the mats for Ameliance would appear in the Studium, given the nature of her Custom Deliveries storyline, but no. You need to speak with Synnove, the Apothecary in The Agora section of Old Sharlayan. This is just northeast of Old Sharlayan Aetheryte Plaza. More specifically, Synnove is found at the coordinates (X: 12.7, Y: 10.2).

Note that you need one of each crafting material per requested delivery item. However, Ameliance’s satisfaction level will increase for the first time after just three Custom Deliveries. This will change the requested items (as you progress her quest), so you only need to buy three crafting materials of the first type, “Aetheroconductive Quill Components,” right now. After that Ameliance will change her requests — this time requiring Aetheroconductive Focus Components. You will need to buy six of these crafting materials instead. If you decide to go the crafting route instead of gathering or fishing, of course.

Botanists and Miners can simply look up the required items in their Gathering Log. Fishers then have the hardest time since the locations aren’t marked until you find them yourself in-game.

Once you max out her satisfaction level, you will be able to play dress-up and cast glamour on Ameliance. Of course, you first need to have the ability to glam unlocked and have Glamour Prisms in your inventory in order glam her up. (You can stock up on Glamour Prisms from your respective Grand Company using GC Seals.) I’m not saying this is a mistake, but I’m also not not it’s a mistake.

You should know, however, that Custom Deliveries NPCs cannot access your Glamour Dresser like Squadron members. You must have whatever you want to glam them with in your inventory at the time of dress-up.

Custom Deliveries are tasks specifically for Crafters and Gatherers, which we’ve seen from previous expansions. But if you’re still new to these non-combat roles, be sure to check out our slew of Crafter and Gatherer starter guides, then hop on over to our guide on how to level FFXIV Crafting classes fast.

More on FFXIV Patch 6.15

For everything else on this new update, be sure to read our FFXIV 6.15 patch notes summary, Arkasodara Tribal Quest guide, and complete Hildibrand quests guide. And if you’ve done the Omega raids from Stormblood, you’ll want to see the new Omega: Beyond the Rift questline. We will soon have a full guide on the new FFXIV Custom Deliveries once we’ve spent more time playing through the new Patch 6.15 content.

And that’s it for our guide to unlock Endwalker Custom Deliveries with Ameliance in FFXIV. We hope this helped on your path to boosting your crafting and gathering to the next level!

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