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All FFXIV Island Sanctuary Animal Spawns

If you’re looking to catch ‘em all in FFXIV’s new Island Sanctuary, this will help you find rare animals and the conditions they appear in.

In Final Fantasy XIV, Warriors of Light were given an island in hopes that players would have a relaxing getaway that they could leisurely improve as time goes on. While most players had other ideas about what the word 'leisurely' means, other players have been taking the time to upgrade and improve their islands, which includes catching animals like they were Pokémon.

Regular animals populate your island and are important resources to get certain materials as you take care of them at your base. But rare spawns depend on several conditions like the weather and time on your island. And each rare animal will only spawn in specific locations. 

While running around the island at any given time spawns regular animals, it will take some time and patience to capture the rare ones that only spawn during certain times, during certain weather conditions, or both. Either way, whatever animal you're looking for, below is a helpful table to capture any animal on the island.

Island Sanctuary Rare for Animals (Weather, Time, and Location)

The following is a table of all the animals you can find in Island Sanctuary. This includes their names, the weather conditions you’ll find them in, the time of day (in-game Eorzean time) they can spawn, the approximate coordinates in which they can be located, and their size. Remember that catching animals is never a guarantee. Sometimes they can be elusive, dodging your restraint and even running away after a failed attempt.

Rare AnimalWeather ConditionTime of DayGeneral LocationSize
Ornery KarakulFair SkiesAnyX: 20, Y: 23Small
LemurAny6am – 9amX: 20, Y: 26Small
ApkalluAnyAnyX: 19, Y: 11Small
Apkallu of ParadiseAny12pm – 3pmX: 19, Y: 11Small
Star MarmotAny9am – 12pmX: 15, Y: 19Small
Yellow CoblynFogAnyX: 27, Y: 19Small
BeachcombRain12am – 3amX: 17.8, Y: 12.6Small
TwinklefleeceFog6pm – 9pmX: 22.1, Y: 20.8Small
Lost LambAnyAnyX: 20, Y: 23Small
Opo-OpoAnyAnyX: 20, Y: 26Small
Ground SquirrelAnyAnyX: 15, Y: 19Small
CoblynAnyAnyX: 20, Y: 13Small
Quartz SprigganAnyAnyMountain HollowSmall
Amethyst SprigganAny9pm - 12pmMountain HollowSmall
FunguarRain3pm - 6pm X: 20, Y: 27Small
Dodo of ParadiseAny3:pm - 6:pmX: 16, Y: 12Medium
Tiger of ParadiseFair6pm - 9pmX: 15, Y: 14Medium
Wild DodoAnyAnyX: 16, Y: 12Medium
Island DoeAnyAnyX: 12, Y: 19Medium
Island StagAny6pm - 9pmX: 20, Y: 19Medium
Black ChocoboClear SkiesAnyX: 13, Y: 11Medium
ChocoboAnyAnyX: 20, Y: 21Medium
Glyptodon PupAnyAnyX: 30, Y: 11Medium
GlyptodonAny12am – 3amX: 31, Y: 11Medium
AurochsAnyAnyX: 12 Y:17Medium
PaissaFair Skies12pm – 3pmX: 25, Y: 28Medium
AlkonostClear9pm - 12pmX: 23, Y: 30Medium
Grand BuffaloCloudsAnyX: 12, Y: 17Large
Island BillyAny3am – 6amX: 26, Y: 22Large
Island NannyAnyAnyX: 26, Y: 24Large
Blue BackAnyAnyX: 28, Y: 28Large
Gold BackRainAnyX: 31, Y: 28Large
AlligatorShowers6am – 9amX: 17, Y: 24Large
GoobbueClouds9am – 12pmX: 33, Y: 16Large
Wild BoarAnyAnyX: 18, Y: 16Large
GriffinClear3pm - 6pmX: 15, Y: 22Large
Boar of ParadiseRain9am - 12pmX: 17, Y: 16Large
Weird SprigganFog12pm - 3pmX: 24, Y: 18Large
Grand DoblynFair Skies3-6amX: 24 Y: 21.6Large
PteranodonClear Skies9am-12pmX: 25 Y: 16.2Large
AdamantoiseFog12-3pmX: 32.1 Y: 12.6Large
MorbolShowers9pm-12amX: 29 Y: 24Large

Capturing the Island Sanctuary Rare Animals

With the way Island Sanctuary is structured, you can only capture certain animals once you’ve progressed and reached a high-enough Sanctuary Rank. For example, you cannot catch medium-sized animals until you can craft Makeshift Restraints, which is unlocked at Rank 6. Large animals can only be caught using Makeshift Soporific, which is unlocked at Rank 8. You can swoop up any small animals using the Makeshift Net that’s available to craft early on, though.

Another thing to note is that the Paissa cannot be caught until you’ve reached Rank 10, currently the max rank. That’s because the area it spawns in can only be accessed once you have unlocked flying on your island, which is your Rank 10 reward.

Island Sanctuary Animal Tracker

If you’re not fond of playing the guessing game with regards to weather, there is an Island Sanctuary weather and animal tracker available. Using that tracker, you can just select the animal you’re looking for and get the upcoming Eorzean and real-world times for the necessary weather condition. It also has a map that highlights the rare animal spawn areas.

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