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Quick Island Sanctuary Tips: 7 Things FFXIV Doesn’t Tell You

Here are a few quick tips to know before joining the big league of island owner’s in Eorzea.

Island Sanctuary in Final Fantasy XIV is the star in Patch 6.2 and it has added a new set of activities to occupy all of your free time in Eorzea. Even though the island has some similarities with Disciples of the Hand and Land, it has its own rules and systems with a base to build, materials to gather, tools to craft, and even a workforce to manage. We already have guides on Island Sanctuary, including one on how to level up fast. But in this list of quick Island Sanctuary tips, we’ve selected a few things you should know but FFXIV doesn’t outright tell you!

The island is a large area to explore with specific hotspots where you can find materials which are then used for crafting buildings and tools, and making your little buddy-creatures happy by putting them to work. It’s one big ecosystem. Because of that, you might feel overwhelmed by the amount of new information that Island Sanctuary throws at you.

And whenever we’re dealing with a new piece of content in this game, a few little tips and tricks can always be useful. After all, it’s always helpful to know how to make some extra Gil or to prepare yourself for the work that is waiting on the island!

Gotta Catch ‘em All (Especially Rare Spawns)

Capturing creatures you see in The Wilds and nurturing them back at your farm is a key feature in the new area. It doesn’t take long to walk around and see the number of different creatures available. However, it’s likely you won’t have the means to capture most of them when starting out. Your Sanctuary Rank determines the types of tools you have at your disposal, limiting how fast you can complete your collection. It’s not until Rank 6 you get the Makeshift Restraint and Rank 8 until you get the Makeshift Soporific, which are the better capturing tools for bigger and better creatures.

Not only that, you’ll occasionally stumble upon rare versions of creatures, which are worth going after. This list is not that long, but you’re going to find a few standouts with slight variations that catch your attention. You may stumble upon the following.

Small Rare Animals

  • Ornery Karakul
  • Lemur
  • Star Marmot
  • Apkallu of Paradise
  • Twiklefleece
  • Beachcomb
  • Yellow Coblyn

Medium Rare Animals

  • Paissa
  • Dodo of Paradise
  • Dodo of Paradise
  • Island Stag
  • Glyptodon
  • Black Chocobo

Large Rare Animals

  • Alligator
  • Gold Back
  • Goobbue
  • Island Billy
  • Grand Buffalo

Some will appear only at specific times of the day while others may depend on the weather condition as indicated above. And taking care of them back at base can offer different rewards. Unless you’re actively seeking out a rare creature, stumbling upon one is the type of surprise that makes exploring more fun.

Set Moraby Drydocks as a Favored Destination

As surprising as it may be, you’re not able to teleport from anywhere in FFXIV to your island. After playing many other MMORPGs, the possibility of traveling to several places in FFXIV, teleporting through a network of Aetherytes makes things efficient (for a small price). But for Island Sanctuary, you can’t simply teleport into your island.

To get to your little piece of land in the middle of the ocean, you need to catch a ride with the NPC named Baldin in Lower La Noscea (X: 24.9, Y: 34.8), which is in a spot called Moraby Drydocks. Teleporting to that Aetheryte may not cost much at first, but when you’re constantly going back and forth, it’s going to add up. Registering Moraby Drydocks as a Favored Destination will save you a bunch of Gil in the long-run.

Using Island Sanctuary For Easy Money

The Island Sanctuary is supposed to be a place for you to relax, and take care of less pressing matters of FFXIV while surrounded by nature. Above all, it’s a place where you shouldn’t be thinking about work. However, Tataru’s entrepreneurial spirit is all over the place and after spending some time building out your island, profit may become your main goal behind making a routine for gathering and crafting. We’re talking about filling your pockets with some sweet Gil.

This is only possible if you convert all your earnings into items with the Horrendous Hoarder, an NPC in your Cozy Cabin who sells valuable items that can be flipped on the regular market board. Just think about how much Gil you can make selling Gatherer’s and Craftsman’s Materia that players will inevitably look for to pentameld their gear sets. You won’t even have to spend your own money to turn a profit since you’re paying for them using Seafarer’s Cowries. Maybe all of this was part of Tataru’s business plan!

Auto-run is Your Best Friend

When Island Sanctuary was announced and the exploring element became quite clear, trekking long distances was an obvious part of the routine. Sure, you can ride your mounts to go faster, but after the twentieth time you had to go after an Island Palm Leaf, controlling your character all the time can get tiresome.

That’s the moment when auto-run became the best command to have at the ready. Since Island Sanctuary has a lot of repetition and making things even a little bit more efficient is totally worth it to make your experience better. Mapping the Duty Action I keybind to an easily accessible button is also crucial for being able to activate Isle Sprint when going between gathering nodes clustered together. Keeping your mount readily accessible for long treks is also advisable.

Of course you have a Isle Teleport, but only to get back to your Cozy Cabin. So, you surely are going to smash the auto-run button, activate Sprint, and call mounts when you realize you’re missing some Island Sand to finish a Handicraft and you need to get all the way back to The Wilds.

Have Two or Three Workshops Early, If You Have Time to Manage Them

In the early hours on the island, you learn about building facilities and how some of them, such as the Workshop, are a key element to your operation. After all, the Workshop is where you produce Handicrafts that can be sold for Seafarer’s Cowries. While it takes several real-time hours to make them, having a consistent production will inevitably add up to plenty of Cowries to spend. In turn, it helps you take advantage of one of our previous tips and buy Materia to sell on the Market Board, if it’s Gil you seek. But having Cowries on hand is required to expand and level up in Island Sanctuary.

Right after you build your first Workshop, you have the opportunity to build another one since you have access to an extra vacant plot. Building gives you Island EXP to increase your Sanctuary Rank and more importantly, having a second Workshop gives you an extra set of workers to make Handicrafts. If you’re focused on increasing your profits, you’ll need to set aside more time to collect the necessary materials for the higher volume of production. It’s a worthwhile investment because this will be your consistent source of Seafarer’s Cowries and Island EXP.

Fill Your Inventory with Materials, Even If You Don’t Need Them

At this point, you already know that it’s not wise to waste time going back and forth for the few materials missing to complete a Vision or the next Handicraft in your schedule. Just consider how much it takes to get over to a Copper Ore node if you need one. You can give yourself an upper hand and prevent situations like this by basically always collecting materials.

You’ll often venture across your island with a different goal in mind. Maybe you just want to capture a Chocobo or maybe gather some Island Sand. If you cross paths with a gathering node — and you always will — seize the opportunity to stock some of the materials. Since you’ll always collect one of each material type offered per node, getting into the habit of always hitting nodes along the way is extremely helpful and your future self will appreciate it.

Study the Island Sanctuary Handicrafts Market

ffxiv island sanctuary guide patch 6.2 111

Once your Island Sanctuary is set and you’re just grinding to rank it up, you’ll probably be focused on scheduling Handicrafts production. However, to become a big shot in island exports, you must master the market of Handicrafts. All you have to do is to take advantage of a tool in your Isleworks Agenda.

When you talk to Tactful Taskmaster and ask to review the workshop’s agenda, you will have access to the Isleworks Agenda. At the upper right corner of the menu, you’ll find some icons and one of them says Review Supply & Demand. By using this option, the game informs you about the popularity, supply, and demand trends of each item that can be crafted on the island. The game does offer a quick tutorial page on this feature, but the supply and demand of each item requires you to always check these trends on your own.

If you don’t have a lot of time to go after every material to craft certain items, all you need to do is to see which product is worth the time investment. Scheduling your workshops to make Handicrafts that are high in demand and popularity pays off big time since the increase in profits are quite significant. When you’re scheduling things over the course of several days, this will add up and bring you much more Seafarer’s Cowries and Island EXP.

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