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FFXIV Island Sanctuary Felicitous Favors Guide

These cute little mammets just got a little more demanding.

Final Fantasy XIV's Island Sanctuaries have a lot of moving parts, and with Patch 6.5, one more was added. Felicitous Favors provided a new mechanic to the content which rewards a bunch of goodies that can only be gained from it such as mounts and furniture items.

Felicitous Favors are a new currency in the Island Sanctuary that are gained from completing special handicrafts that change each week. Players must unlock Island Rank 19 and upgrade all of your Workshops and Granaries before they can access the feature. Once that is completed, players can speak to the Felicitous Furball in order to see what they'll need to ship in order to earn the Felicitous Favors. 

What are Felicitous Favors?

The items requested by the Felicitous Furball are made in the workshops as handicrafts. Players will need to decide how they want to handle the workshops. Some players have opted to delegate the fourth workshop to Felicitous Favors only, while others have taken a more direct approach and tried to get them done as fast as possible so they can focus on cowries for the rest of the week. 

ffxiv felicitous favor
Screengrab by Fanbyte via Square Enix

There will always be three items requested. One is a four-hour craft, one is a six-hour craft, and one is an eight-hour craft. Sometimes they can be put together for an efficiency bonus, but this isn't always the case. Players need to make sure they ship exactly the number the Furball has requested. Shipping more will not earn extra Felicitous Tokens.

Players can set their schedules up to two weeks in advance, so those who want to set it for the next Season are able to do so. For both the current Season and the next one, players are able to see which items are requested in the selection screen when setting up a workshop agenda. The current season materials will have a little mammet next to them, and the next Season's will have a mammet with a green arrow, indication the craft is for next season.

Screengrab by Fanbyte via Square Enix

For those not interested in gaining more cowries, they can set their islands to just do the Felicitous Favors and ignore the handicrafts that will earn cowries. Shipping handicrafts that are for the Felicitous Favors will still earn you EXP and cowries, but it likely won't be optimized. This is why some players have chosen to spread out the handicrafts over a few days to make it work with their daily shipping schedule, or have designated it to workshop four.

What do Felicitous Tokens buy?

After shipping the required amount of handicrafts for the Felicitous Furball, you'll earn Felicitous Tokens. Players can earn up to 70 Felicitous Tokens per week. Once you've received some tokens, you can buy one of two things. 

The first item you can buy is Vegetal Vouchers. These are used to buy items from the same vendor under the 'Exchange items for mounts' menu. At the time of writing, the only mount players can buy is the Island Adenium Whistle, which costs 200 Vegetal Vouchers. If players gather up 7 vouchers each week, it will take them about 29 weeks to get enough to buy the mount. 

Screengrab by Fanbyte via Square Enix

The other item you can buy is the Sanctuary Materiel Container. These cost 10 tokens and have a variety of things inside. However, there's also a good chance players get one-time-use party items that aren't worth much.

Below is a list of all of the possible things that can drop from the containers:


  • Island Adenium Whistle
  • Island Peerifool Whistle


  • Bombfish
  • Bom Boko
  • Castaway Chocobo Chick
  • Dwarf Rabbit
  • Ghido
  • Hunting Hawk
  • Korpokkur Kid
  • Odder Otter
  • Road Sparrow
  • Shaggy Shoat
  • Tiny Tatsunoko


  • General-purpose Dark Blue Dye
  • General-purpose Dark Brown Dye
  • General-purpose Dark Green Dye
  • General-purpose Dark Purple Dye
  • General-purpose Dark Red Dye
  • General-purpose Jet Black Dye
  • General-purpose Metallic Gold Dye
  • General-purpose Metallic Silver Dye
  • General-purpose Pastel Blue Dye
  • General-purpose Pastel Green Dye
  • General-purpose Pastel Pink Dye
  • General-purpose Pastel Purple Dye
  • General-purpose Pure White Dye

Furniture Items:

  • Chocobo Stable Essentials
  • Cieldalaes Planter
  • Coconut Water
  • Colorful Flower Patch
  • Faerie Pendant Wall Light
  • Farmer's Straw Bed
  • Flower-wreathed Gazebo
  • Garden Creek
  • Island Garden Fence
  • Island Parasol Table
  • Island Wooden Chair
  • Lemonade Stand
  • Low Garden Hedge
  • Mobile Garden Stairs
  • Mushroom Medley Lamp
  • Stone Garden Wall
  • Wildflower Bed


  • Crafting and Gathering Materia
  • Fieldcracker
  • Fireglass Leather
  • Indigo Cloth
  • Island Leaf Headdress
  • Minmisle Top Hat
  • Seacloth
  • Seacracker
  • Tropicracker
  • Waterproof Cloth

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