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This is an updated version of the old Lolking (rip) model viewer. It is in an alpha state. We cannot stress this enough. It might break. It might act up. We are aware, but if you see things that are particularly egregious just drop us a line in the comments.

Some controls:

  • Rotate, left click
  • Move, right click
  • Zoom, middle scroll
  • Make sure your Champion is selected to manipulate it or change its skin or action; the easiest way to select is clicking their picture at the top left
  • The full screen controls are down and to the right — we’re working on a fix for this but that’s where they are right now

Thanks for bearing with us!


  1. Hi, Evelynn is crashed…Guys How could you let this happen?

    1. Ticketed! We’ll work on getting her fixed.

  2. I can not move a character, I click on the arrow, and I can not turn rotate their bodies…

    1. Various bugs like this do exist and we’ll be working to squash those over time. I believe I replicated the behavior you described when in full screen. I’d recommend returning to a normal view, rotating it, and returning to full screen. Alternatively, to rotate, there’s a double arrow icon on the right that will have it turn slowly that might meet your needs in a pinch.

  3. Sona dont work ;(

  4. is there a way to download the models?

    1. No, models cannot be downloaded and that functionality is not likely to ever be added. Those files belong to Riot Games.

  5. I need the 3D Model of Darius ” Godking ” so fast for make my cosplay , how can help you ? : )

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