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Welcome to The Vainguard, a Destiny 2 Fashion Column

I’ve just hit 950 Power in Destiny 2, which means that I’m into the true endgame — figuring out how to make my Guardian look as fresh as possible. The addition of universal ornaments in Shadowkeep means that this is easier than ever. And Bungie knows this, having announced last week that they’re giving out an exclusive emblem to Guardians whose looks are particularly on-point.

Well, I don’t have an emblem to give away. All I have are my words. I asked you to show me your Guardians, and now I’m going to write about them in a column I’m calling The Vainguard. The header image this week is courtesy of broccolad.

Stephen Mattes (@craneflight)

I was immediately struck by what appeared to be this Warlock’s long, loose pants. In fact, they are a feature of his asymmetrical robe. I’ve never particularly liked the Scatterhorn collection, but here it works to cut a surprising silhouette that is nearly unrecognizable as a classic Warlock. The addition of the Nezarec’s Sin helm extends the figure vertically, and works perfectly with the open collar. Finally, the entire look is brought together by a gorgeous silver-toned Fighting Lion. Is this is the most effective Exotic in Destiny 2? No. But just as heels necessitate a slower walking pace, so too does this Guardian forego a Recluse in his Energy weapon slot for style.

moutain boo! (@zzultralord)

From the bright orange to the gleaming pauldrons to the literal fire raging on his chest piece, there is nothing subtle about this Titan. And why should there be? If your whole thing is running up and punching guys in the face, you probably don’t care if they know you’re coming. Wisely, this Titan has chosen to remove his helmet in non-combat areas, as if to say, “yes, I am a seven foot tall death machine, but I’m a person too.” The contrast of the small Hand Cannon additionally creates a playfully disarming effect, inviting us to question our expectations. This is a Titan with layers.

annie (@annieokay_)

First of all, I’d like to welcome this Guardian to Destiny and to congratulate her on her incredible screen name. This is a look that proves that you don’t need high-end pieces to turn heads. All of this Guardian’s gear is blue, which to some might provoke the tedious and dismissive epithet of “blueberry.” But is that who we want to be, Guardians? Not me. In this Guardian I see someone who was brought back from the dead in old Russia and said to herself, “I need to get a magenta robe as quickly as possible.” This is a Guardian who has her priorities straight. The taupe boots bring the look down to earth, suggesting a collapse of the traditional division between form (magenta robes) and function (shooting time-traveling space robots).

Dauragon (@Dauragon)

Afforded with so many options for colors and ostentation, it’s sometimes easy to get carried away. This Hunter is a picture of restraint, opting for a clean, cool color palette that allows the various textures on his gear to speak for itself. Cloth, steel, and quilted detailing come together to create a look that may be monotone in shade but is anything but monotonous. Can I also just say how much I love the Hunter pose? It’s so jaunty, and combined here with the long shape of the Go Figure rifle, creates some striking lines.

matt murray (@ThatMattMurray)

Other Hunters may prefer their St0mp-EE5 or Orpheus Rigs, and just as well — the Assassin’s Cowl is not a piece that everyone is bold enough to attempt. But this Guardian makes it work by balancing out the glowing veil with metallic detailing on their hood, chest piece, and boots, creating a look that continually draws the viewer’s eye up and down the body. I am reminded of an David Bowie costume I once saw that featured golden hands gripping the singer’s chest over a black mesh bodysuit. It was stunning then, and it’s a powerful look here too.

That’s all for this week. Keep an eye out on Twitter, where I’ll put another call out for Guardians soon. In the meantime, just remember: saving the universe is no excuse for looking sloppy.

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