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What is it That Shaw Han Does in Destiny 2 Exactly?

[ZAVALA and IKORA sit in Zavala’s office, behind his desk. Across from them, SHAW HAN squirms uncomfortably.]

ZAVALA: What you do for the Vanguard is you assist new Guardians in learning the basics and making it to the Tower.

SHAW HAN: Yes, yes, that’s right.

IKORA: I have to ask… why couldn’t the Vanguard just send ships directly to pick up the new Lightbearers?

SHAW HAN: Well, I’ll uh, I’ll tell you why. Because new Lightbearers are not good at dealing with people.

ZAVALA: So you physically assist the new Lightbearers in making it to the Tower, using your years of weapons training and proficiency in the Light?

SHAW HAN: Well… no. My Ghost does that, or I communicate with them over comms.

[ZAVALA pauses]

ZAVALA: What would you say… you do here?

SHAW HAN: Well look, I already told you! I deal with the new Lightbearers so the Vanguard doesn’t have to! I have people skills! I’m good at dealing with people! Can’t you understand that? What the hell is wrong with you people?

[IKORA and ZAVALA are silent for several seconds.]

ZAVALA: Shaw, are you aware that Shadow Legion soldiers have been kidnapping civilians using the Cosmodrome as one of their staging grounds?

SHAW HAN: I was… not aware of that.

IKORA: Perhaps he was distracted by his duties.

SHAW HAN: Yes, that’s right! I was distracted by performing my duties.

ZAVALA: Your duties of standing in a pile of rubble and calling newly resurrected Lightbearers to give them encouraging advice.


ZAVALA: And these duties prevented you from noticing the arrival of several large Pyramid ships, the rounding up of the populace, and so on.

[SHAW seems to consider his options.]

SHAW HAN: I… uh… well you see, the truth of the matter is that-

[SHAW throws a smoke bomb at the ground. When the smoke clears, he’s nowhere to be seen.]

ZAVALA: I despise that man.

IKORA [coughing]: Why is he even wearing a Young Ahamkara’s Spine if he’s running Void?


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