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What Happened to Destiny 2's Servers Over the Weekend?

Late last week, players encountered a number of errors in Destiny 2. Many of these errors seemed to involve BattlEye, the anti-cheat service Bungie uses for the game. While the Bungie Help Twitter account posted informing players that the issues had been resolved, they seemed to continue throughout the weekend.

On Saturday, some Destiny 2 players were disconnected from the game with various error messages. Some then even encountered the message that the Destiny 2 servers were over capacity and new log-ins were being throttled. This queue screen is familiar to anyone who’s tried to log in to the game immediately after the release of a new expansion, but it’s almost unheard of for it to appear this late in a release cycle. So what was going on?

It’s not entirely clear yet what the problems with the game over the weekend were. Our best guess is that the server issues plaguing Destiny 2 late last week hadn’t been entirely resolved by Friday night, and thus persisted over the course of the weekend. Perhaps Bungie will release more information in this week’s TWAB or another post explaining what happened.

At this point in its life cycle, Destiny 2 seems less stable than ever. Unexpected downtime appears more and more common, and routine updates frequently seem to turn into serious issues and emergency maintenance. The occurrence of sudden disconnections is even more frustrating when it affects activities with no checkpoints, like Grandmaster Nightfalls and solo Dungeon completions, or when it slaps players with penalties, like Competitive Crucible bans.

What’s to be done? Without more transparency from Bungie on the cause of these ongoing issues, who can say? From an outside perspective, the increased occurrence of server issues combined with the underwhelming delivery of Lightfall seem to point to resources being redirected towards other games. Of course, this is only speculation, but it would explain why the Destiny 2 servers are having so many problems lately.

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