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Grandmaster Nightfalls Arrive Early in Destiny 2’s Season of the Deep

So, this week we have the first TWID, This Week in Destiny — Bungie’s rebrand of its TWAB weekly news post after its Marathon game announcement (If you haven’t yet, grab your free Marathon-themed emblem in Destiny 2). The news post will still share upcoming changes in Destiny 2 as usual, and this TWID covers activities like Grandmaster Nightfalls and the PVP Supremacy game mode returning in Season of the Deep.

Weekly Grandmaster Nightfalls will be available starting Tuesday, June 13, kicking off with The Lightblade strike. Players can chase after the Adept Wendigo GL3 heavy grenade launcher, but the following weeks will include The Loaded Question fusion rifle and Braytech Osprey rocket launcher.

Bungie noted that this season’s Grandmaster Nightfalls are launching earlier than the previous seasons since Season of the Deep didn’t raise the seasonal Power level cap. Power level adjustments from Season of the Seraph, which decreased the Power level requirement to enter the activity and the overall Power level of Grandmasters, also influenced this change. Also, “The Conqueror gilding node is still planned to open in Week 7,” Bungie said about the Grandmaster title.

In PVP, Supremacy is returning to the Crucible after its recent appearance in the Guardian Games. Players can access the Supremacy mode from the Relentless rotating playlist — this weekly rotator currently includes Clash, Rift, and Zone Control.

How do you feel about Grandmaster Nightfalls launching earlier in the season? What about Supremacy returning to the Crucible playlists?

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