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Dust Off These Exotics for Next Season in Destiny 2

Well, the leaks were (partially) correct – a number of Destiny 2 Exotics are getting reworked next season. Some, like Starfire Protocol and St0mp-335, are getting well-deserved nerfs. Others, however, are getting substantial boosts. This latter category includes some of the least-used Exotics in the game. Here are some Exotic armor pieces you might want to make sure you have on deck before Season of the Deep drops and they get a nice power boost.

  • Oathkeeper (Hunter) — Oathkeeper will now provide a damage boost when you hold an arrow drawn for a few moments. We’re not sure how big this damage boost is going to be just yet, but it could make Oathkeeper a big deal in both PVE and PVP.
  • Eternal Warrior (Titan) — A total rework of an Exotic that was only ever previously usable by hotswapping, Eternal Warrior will now provide another option for Arc Titans. The new functionality is simple — get kills with Arc weapons and get an escalating damage bonus. Plus, Fist of Havoc automatically grants you the highest tier of damage buff. Who knows, maybe it’ll even get a decent ornament.
  • Stronghold (Titan) — Aside from a brief window during the Season of Arrivals where Stronghold had a fun interaction with the Ruinous Effigy Exotic, it’s never been particularly useful. Its new function, which provides damage resistance during blocking with a sword and the Restoration buff afterwards, is pretty nice.
  • Vesper of Radius (Warlock) — This thing has one of the best Exotic ornaments in Destiny 2 and it’s finally going to be usable! Creating blinding shockwaves might not be a huge game changer but it’s nice that Stormcallers are getting more build options.
  • Chromatic Fire (Warlock) — The added bonus of creating status effects on precision kills is really nice, especially Blind and Scorch. Again, it probably won’t be meta-defining, but it seems fun.

Are there any updated Exotics you’re particularly looking forward to using next season in Destiny 2? Let us know in the comments.

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