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Fortnite and Destiny Crossover Skins Leak, But Which Game Gets What?

The leak suggests Fortnite skins headed to Destiny, leaving it up in the air for what the reverse looks like.

Is it Fortnite armor in Destiny or Destiny armor in Fortnite? The answer is probably both, but thanks to today’s leak, we know what a Fortnite and Destiny crossover may look like.

According to Ginsor, a Destiny 2 dataminer, the rumors of a Fortnite and Destiny crossover are true. Ginsor shared the first image of Epic and Bungie’s collaboration on Twitter, and, for now, it looks like we’ve only got a preview of the Destiny 2 side of things.

Either way, I’ve got no horse in this race. But, the way I see it, only one of those collaborations allows a Warlock to fight Goku, and that’s what matters most here. Anyway, the Destiny 2 leak:

As for the other side of the event? Who knows! Outside of “Fortnite Destiny confirmed,” Ginsor didn’t tweet any additional details. Half the Twitter and Reddit comments come from confused fans on both sides asking which game this image belongs to, but it’s most certainly Destiny armor. Of course, there’s no official word from Epic or Bungie, so we’ll have to wait and see which shooty service game does what.

In terms of Fortnite crossovers, a Destiny tribute wouldn’t even be the battle royale’s weirdest collaboration skin. In addition to the aforementioned Dragon Ball Z event, Fortnite‘s bizarre roster includes characters from Naruto, Star Wars, Pac-Man, and League of Legends.

Destiny events remain pretty tame, but we should soon see what the future for Bungie’s MMO holds. Last month, the studio said it would share what’s next for Destiny during an August 23 showcase. Maybe that means you can do the Never Gonna dance in Fortnite as a Warlock, or perhaps it’s more important news about the game’s direction post-Sony acquisition. Regardless, Bungie is keeping quiet for now.

When they do give us an official announcement, I think Bungie and Epic should come up with one of those incredible fandom couple names indicating who’s the dominant one, if you catch my drift. They’ll finally speak my language and cut back on the confusion. Plus, we can call them something like Destnite or Fortiny. Considering the multiverse hells I created in childhood fanfiction; this seems fitting.

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