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Destiny 2 Silver Ash Guide: How to Earn Silver Ash in Bonfire Bash

How to get Silver Ash in Destiny 2 during the Solstice 2022.

The Destiny 2 Silver Ash currency is one of the new additions to this year’s Solstice event. If you’re planning on upgrading your armor, you’re going to need to gather as much of this currency as possible. The summer celebration takes place in 2022 in a brand new fashion, presenting a few interesting reworks that are going to appeal to both veterans and newcomers alike. This guide explains how to get Silver Ash and how to complete the Bonfire Bash activity in Destiny 2.

How to Get Silver Ash in Destiny 2

Long story short, you have to transform Silver Leaves into Silver Ash by completing Bonfire Bash, which is this year’s new activity during Solstice. So, in the order of things, Silver Ash is right in the middle between Silver Leaves and Kindling.

That’s the gist of it. Keep in mind that the results aren’t 1:1, meaning that you won’t get the same amount of Silver Leaves turned into Silver Ash. As reference, Fanbyte’s own guides writer Collin MacGregor turned 41 Silver Leaves and got around 90 Silver Ash. As another example, I turned 10 Silver Leaves and got 50 Silver Ash in return, so this seems to vary quite a bit.

Destiny 2 Silver Ash 2
I got 50 Silver Ash for turning in 10 Silver Leaves, but results may vary.

Again, since you can only get Silver Ash during Bonfire Bash, you’ll just have to get as many Silver Leaves as possible before running through the activity just to save up time.

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How to Complete the Bonfire Bash Activity

Basically, the Bonfire Bash activity in Destiny 2 has a couple of different steps depending on which combatant race you’re pit against. But in essence, runs go on like this:

  • First step: Here you’ll be eliminating enemy interference, and afterwards the Bonfire is going to start growing
  • Second step: Now, you’re going to have to Stoke the Bonfire, which requires you to take down special enemies (which are both glowing and are also marked on the map) and grab the orb they drop. Then, throw the orb at the bonfire by pressing the alternate fire button (so, right click on the mouse, or the left bumper on a controller) — you can do this at a distance from the bonfire, so don’t worry about having to get super close to it
  • Third step: After throwing a specific number of igniters, you need to take down a couple of enemies that show up around the map. Remember to use the structures nearby that will boost you up to buildings and such to gain height in case you need to
  • Fourth step: Back to throwing igniters at the Bonfire again
  • Fifth step: More enemies, go ahead and hunt them down
  • Sixth step: Last wave of igniters
  • Last step: Defeat the final boss
  • Claim rewards step: This one is confusing, but basically, just go ahead and stand right next to the Bonfire for a couple of seconds. The loot is going to drop from there and, after a brief sequence, the objective will be completed

That’s all you need to know about the new activity!

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