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Destiny 2 Reveler Title Guide – Event Cards Seal

A new Destiny 2 title built for fans of seasonal events like Festival of the Lost.

We hope you’re ready to complete some more event cards. Bungie appears to be switching up how it handles events going forward, locking in their plans via the Summer of Solstice seals and titles. The seal specifically for Solstice of Heroes looks to be one that will return each and every year, ready to be gilded once again. Based on the Reveler seal, we should expect to see more of the same from Guardian Games, Festival of the Lost, and The Dawning. If you want to earn that Reveler title, you’ll need to partake in every event at least once. Here’s how to earn the new Destiny 2 Reveler seal and title.

Reveler Title Required Triumphs

This whole Event Card ordeal is a bit confusing when it comes to the number of currencies in play, specifically for Solstice. However, earning the Reveler title is remarkably straightforward. All you need to do is complete 16 Event Card challenges during each of the four seasonal Destiny 2 events. In the current case, that means finishing 16 of the 24 Solstice of Heroes challenges. Even if you don’t complete all 24 to get your glowing armor and Flamekeeper title, you can still earn progress towards this one.

Unlike other titles, however, progress towards Reveler does not reset between seasons and events. You only need to complete 16 titles total across every year. For example, completing eight Event Card challenges this year and eight next year, will fulfill the requirements for Festival of the Lost come Fall.

  • Guardian Games: Complete 16 Event Card challenges during spring events (Guardian Games).
  • Solstice: Complete 16 Event Card challenges during summer events (Solstice).
  • Festival of the Lost: Complete 16 Event Card challenges during autumn events (Festival of the Lost).
  • Dawning: Complete 16 Event Card challenges during winter events (The Dawning).

How to Gild the Destiny 2 Reveler Seal

What does reset at the end of each season is the seal’s gilding. If you complete all of the required challenges starting during this year’s Solstice of Heroes, in theory you should be able to gild the Reveler seal about this time next year. Doing so will likely require you to complete 16 Solstice 2023 challenges again. That gilding will drop off at the end of the summer season, of course, meaning if you want to keep the seal gilded, you will need to do so for every event Destiny 2 hosts.

This is all a guess, of course. No one has or can gild the seal just yet and won’t be for a long time.

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