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Destiny 2 Grasp of Avarice Dungeon Guide - How to Complete Every Encounter

The Bungie 30th Anniversary Event is officially live, which means there’s a bunch of new content coming to Destiny 2. Along with a six-player matchmade activity, players can explore the new Grasp of Avarice dungeon set in the fabled loot cave. There’s also a bunch of new armor and weapons that users can unlock or purchase in the Eververse store, all of which are tied to the history of this developer.

One of the most exciting additions is the new Grasp of Avarice dungeon. Containing three core encounters, this is an insidiously clever dungeon that will keep you on your toes from the very start. Here’s how to complete the Grasp of Avarice dungeon:

Destiny 2 Grasp of Avarice Walkthrough

Opening the Loot Cave

When you start the dungeon, you will spawn outside of the fabled loot cave in the Cosmodrome. Coming out it will be a bunch of Thralls, all of which will drop Exotic engrams when killed! Well, not really… Picking up any of these engrams will give you a debuff called “Burden By Riches” with a countdown. If this timer hits zero, it will kill whoever has the buff. Picking up another fake engram will give you an additional stack of Burden By Riches” and reset the kill timer. You can only hold up to 10 stacks at a time.

As you start getting stacks of Burden By Riches, make your way into the cave towards the odd, large white crystal against the wall (shown above). This crystal will absorb your stacks, keeping you from being killed by them. Continue to kill Thrall, grab engrams, and deposit them into the crystal until the door opens.

Once you’re in the cave, fallow the path along the left side of the cliff. You will need to jump over some crystals and deal with a couple of Hive enemies, including a Shrieker. Once you run past the narrow crystal bridge, jump down the large hole and enter the door. You will emerge in a tall room with three doors. Next to each door is a switch, two of which will instantly kill you when pulled.

Pull the lever on the door circled above and head inside. Be careful, as there’s a pressure plate that will trigger a spike trap about midway through the room. Jump over it and flip the switch to open the big circular door then head inside.

You will be presented with a long hallway with a bottomless pit. In the center are two platforms that will drop you into the void if you stand on them for more than a second. Jump quickly across to the platform all the way in the back. Turn around and face the way you entered. On the left, below the platforms that fall, will be a little room with a lever. Throw the lever and then go back out into the tall room with the killer door traps. Now scale the room until you are facing six fans, each with a different pressure plate. Go to the back right fan, step on the plate, and jump up to continue.

Now climb up the path shown above, but avoid the pressure plate on the platform above the blue sign. It will be on the left and will kill anyone on the platform. Continue climbing and fly over the six falling platforms. Continue along the hallway until you reach the reservoir room.

Opening the Reservoir Door

Eventually, you will make your way to a control panel showing eight doors, some of which are blinking bright red. Throw the switch to open the metal door next to you, head into the big room, and then jump across to the open door on the left. This one will be horizontal, allowing you to use it as a ledge so you can sneak in. There will be some enemies and another switch to throw. Activating the switch will open up more doors, allowing you to progress across the open reservoir to door number two. There is a spike trap in rooms one and two so be careful where you walk. Kill more enemies, throw the switch, and jump across to door number three.

Inside room three there will be a raised area on your left with a large window. Climb up this to find a switch that opens up a large door near the back of the room where you initially entered. It will also spawn a Shrieker in the middle of the room. Kill the Shrieker and make your way all the back to where you started. You should see a new switch along the back wall, which opens up the final door across from you.

Keep going until you reach a room with two doors. The one on the left will kill you, while the one straight ahead will open to the next room. Tell your friend it’s the door on the left. Don’t worry, you can blame it on me.

Scorch Cannon Room

This room is just throwing more switches on either side of the room. Each area is number 1-4 and will spawn some enemies whenever you open one of the doors. After clearing out the enemies inside each room, throw the switch to open one of the doors around the center pillar. The last one will contain an enemy with a Scorch Cannon which you need to pick up.

Kill the Vandal with the Scorch Cannon, pick up, and fire a round metal receptacle you’d typically dunk an orb into. Hold down the trigger when you fire until it reaches the maximum before detonating the Scorch Cannon round. This will fully charge the receptacle, open the door, and give you access to the switch inside. This will cause the gate to raise and allow you up the stairs.

Tell your friends to go up the stairs first and get ready to jump. A massive wheel will come crashing down and kill anyone on the stairs. Either jump over the wheel or hide along the side of the wall. Make your way up into the next room and go through the vent. You’ll find the entrance above the middle of the room near some stacked crates. Climb into the vent and right and then left. (Alternatively, you can open the door on the right and jump over the pressure plate to grab a message in a bottle lore item.) Jump the gap and you’ll be at the first major encounter.

Grasp of Avarice Dungeon Guide

Phry’Zhia The Insatiable

Welcome to the first boss, Phry’Zhia The Insatiable. Before we break down the fight, I recommend having either a Well of Radiance or a Ward of Dawn. Additionally, you’ll want either One Thousand Voices, Threaded Needle, or Reed’s Regret equipped for damaging the boss. If you have a well or bubble, make sure the other two members of your fireteam are rocking mob clearing Supers. The photo above showcases the layout of the encounter, with the Red Xs marking where the Scorch Cannon receptacles are and the Blue X designating the crystal’s spawn point. We will be using this photo to orientate what is center, left, and right.

When this fight begins, clear out the Fallen enemies near the back of the room. You should see a Vandal wielding a Scorch Cannon, so kill him and pick it up. Now, have the person with the Scorch Cannon shoot a round into the receptacle above the door on the right. Have two players ready to run inside and kill all the enemies in the room. You only have about 15 seconds to slay as many foes as possible and grab the engrams they drop before it locks, killing everyone inside. Once the door opens, have the Guardians run inside, grab the engrams, and then go deposit them at the crystal.

The boss will never leave the center area, but he hits very hard. Because of this, you’ll always want to break line of sight with this foe whenever possible. After you raid the right room, repeat the process for the one on the left. Open the door, kill the enemies inside, and grab all the engrams you can. Make your way back to the crystal and deposit them into the crystal. You should deposit around 40 engrams to lower Phry’Zhia’s shield and begin the damage phase.

When the shield drops, go to either the back of the room or one of the sides so Phry’Zhia’s doesn’t just run up on you. With everyone hitting their shots, you should be able to deplete a little over half its health bar before the immunity shield reappears. Now repeat the process as many times as needed until this Ogre is killed. If you need a new Scorch Cannon, a Vandal will spawn in the back.

Dismantle Mines, Yesssssssssss

Make your way until you reach a very large room where you can summon your Sparrow. Hit the switch on the left to start the encounter. You’ll be informed that you need to dismantle mines that are on a very short timer. However, you can delay the timer by driving next to big red buttons that will turn green when you approach them. This will add a few seconds to the timer, allowing you to close the gap. If you’ve done the Sparrow section in the Scourge of the Past raid, then this will seem very familiar to you. You only need to be on the mine control point for about a second before it dismantles, so you shouldn’t need to get off your Sparrow.

There are four mines you will need to disable, each of which has a series of buttons hidden throughout the racecourse that you’ll need to hit. To maximize your chances of survival, I recommend having all three members of your fireteam split up and take different routes. This will let you run across multiple buttons, increasing the timer and allowing you to reach the end. The final mine will be after a big gravity lift jump into the mouth of a massive stone skull. Do not worry about any of the enemies in this area; solely focus on hitting buttons and deactivating mines!

Once you’re done, just make your way down through the crystal pillars until you reach the next major area.

Grasp of Avarice Dungeon Guide

Fallen Shield

The most relaxed encounter in the dungeon, for this section you’ll need to transform Servitors into bombs. You won’t need any boss DPS loadouts, so use whatever weapon you like to clear out swarms of enemies. When you arrive, direct the cannon in front of you to the right. This is the large metal ring that can be activated by firing a Scorch Cannon into the receptacle it’s connected to. Doing so will make it a temporary gravity lift, launching you towards one of the five platforms. Each cannon can be rotated by pressing the Interact button when next to it.

To start, launch your team to the top right island and kill the Fallen enemies there. (After this the order appears to be random each time). You will see a Servitor floating around with an immunity shield. Ignore it for now and start collecting stacks of Burden By Riches via the fake engrams. You should see a crystal in the large rounded building (shown above), so deposit them there. At the same time, have someone pick up a Scorch Cannon off a Fallen and hold onto it. Once you’ve deposited enough stacks of Burden by Riches, the shield on the Servitor will drop, so kill it. This will turn it into a bomb, which you’ll need to manually roll down to the cannon yourself.

Now aim the cannon at the central Fallen structure above the middle island. The cannonball has a short-timer, so make sure to quickly line up the shot so it’s aimed directly at a large metal ball jutting out from the Fallen Shield. Fire a Scorch Cannon round into the receptacle near your gravity cannon to charge the lift and launch the bomb at the Fallen Shield. This will blow up the metal ball, taking 1/4th of the health away on the bar below. There’s no additional boss or gimmicks in this section, so work your way around the room until you’ve fired a cannonball from each of the five platforms (not counting the one directly in the center). Just make sure your cannons are facing the orb on Fallen Shield before firing!

Once the encounter is complete, go to the center island and grab the chest. Point the cannon on the dock skyward and launch your fireteam into the massive orb above. This may take a few tries if you all go at once!

Captain Avarokk The Covetous

Unsurprisingly, the boss is going to incorporate almost all of the core mechanics of this dungeon. Before starting the fight, I recommend having two people use either Stasis or mob clearing Supers to deal with enemies and the third rock Well of Radiance or Ward of Dawn. This room has two Scorch Cannon receptacles on either side of the massive arch over the center of the arena. Only one will be active at a time, and the crystal spawns dead center in the room.

When the fight starts, clear out enemies until you slay a Vandal with a Scorch Cannon. Now go to whichever side has the open receptacle and fire a round into it. Once a fully charged shot detonates, 10 engrams will rain down on the right, left, and front (where you entered) sides of the room. Split up and have each Guardian grabbing 10 from the left, right, and front. Once you have 30 collective stacks of Burden by Riches, go to the crystal and deposit them. I recommend killing the wave of enemies that spawn on all sides of the room, but you don’t have to.

Repeat the process above on the opposite side, having your fireteam deposit another 30 stacks into the crystal for a total of 60. Hitting 60 stacks will cause Captain Avarokk to teleport to the back of the room starting the damage phase. Drop your Well of Radiance and lay into this boss until his shield goes back up. Another wave of enemies will spawn, so clear them out and then repeat the exact steps above until you deposit another 60 stacks into the crystal. This will drop the shield again, allowing you to damage this fearsome foe and, most likely, kill him.

Keep in mind that Captain Avarokk will have a mini-boss sniper Shank floating around. This fake parrot does a ridiculous amount of damage but can be killed right away. I recommend dealing with it every time it spawns — otherwise, it may just outright kill you. Once you defeat Captain Avarokk, you will have completed the Grasp of Avarice dungeon and can claim your reward!


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