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Destiny 2 God Roll Weapon Hub - Every God Roll Weapon Guide

All of our Destiny 2 god rolls in one convenient list!

When it comes to Destiny 2 there are a lot of ways to enjoy this game. Some like to battle it out in Crucible, others prefer to immerse themselves in the ever-changing story, while a few folks continue to play Gambit. Tying this all together is a drive to obtain better and more powerful pieces of gear to craft your personal Guardian. One of the most important aspects of Destiny 2 is legendary weapons which are firearms that can roll with different perk combinations. This means, you could obtain the same gun five times, but what attributes it has could be completely different.

However, not all perks are created equally, and some are simply superior in both PVE and PVP content. This is what’s known as a “god roll,” or a weapon perk combination that is the best available for that gun. Hunting these can down be a grueling, confusing affair — especially if you are new to Destiny 2. To alleviate some of the headaches, I have compiled a growing list of guides that not only showcases what perks you want to go for but why these are some of the best choices around.

I know some of you are sitting there about to furiously type counterpoints to some of my choices. I can feel it in my bones. Keep in mind, while there are some objectively great rolls for weapons, a god roll comes down to your personal playstyle and what you want out of a weapon. Because of this, I also tend to highlight additional options for those looking to branch out from the tried and true “gun reloads faster, gun does more damage” combo.

Season of the Witch God Rolls

Festival of the Lost Weapons

Crota's End Weapons

Seasonal Weapons

Destiny 2 Synthcord

Older Destiny 2 Weapon God Rolls

Auto Rifle God Rolls

Pulse Rifle God Rolls

Destiny 2 Austringer God Roll

Hand Cannon God Rolls

Destiny 2 Funnelweb God Roll

Submachine Gun God Rolls

Bow God Rolls

Sidearm God Rolls


Scout Rifle God Rolls

Destiny 2 First In Last Out God Roll

Shotgun God Rolls


Sniper Rifle God Rolls

Destiny 2 Deliverance God Roll

Fusion Rifle / Linear Fusion Rifle God Rolls

Trace Rifles


Grenade Launcher God Rolls

Destiny 2 Recurrent Impact

Machine Gun God Rolls

Sword God Rolls

Rocket Launcher God Rolls

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