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Destiny 2 Death Adder Guide - How to Get Death Adder & the God Roll

The bane of the Darkness is finally going away in the fall. Perhaps one of the most overpowered weapons in the history of Destiny 2, The Recluse, is going to be essentially useless in PVE activities going forward. This means players are desperately hunting for a new legendary submachine gun to take its place. While some are looking towards the Seventh Seraph VY-7 or Cold Front, others are grinding away in hopes to get a god roll of the returning Death Adder. Quickly rising as a popular choice for both PVE and PVP, the Death Adder has a terrific perk pool and is a solid choice for anyone looking for a good Energy primary weapon.

How to Get the Death Adder

Unlike most of the Season of Arrivals gear, the Death Adder can only be acquired via the new Prophecy dungeon. This weapon will drop from the second encounter, which is the large cube you have to navigate and cleanse. If you are unfamiliar with this portion or the dungeon itself, we have an in-depth guide on how to beat every encounter. After you unlock the Death Adder from the second encounter, you can then also potentially grab it from the two secret chests hidden throughout this activity.

Keep in mind, you can farm the dungeon encounters as many times as you’d like, but only your first time will reward you with Pinnacle tier gear. So if you really want the Death Adder, get ready to become intimately familiar with his activity. We strongly recommend you go into the second encounter at an absolute minimum Power of 1040. This will give you a fighting chance and ensure that you aren’t decimated by Taken Hobgoblins.

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Death Adder God Rolls

PVE God Roll

  • Corkscrew Rifling
  • Appended Mag or Tactical Mag
  • Feeding Frenzy
  • Dragonfly

For PVE players, we recommend trying to get a roll that has Corkscrew Rifling so you can get an increase to stability, handling, and range. This will help make the gun more controllable and let you deal with targets that are a little farther away. For your magazine, both Tactical and Appended are great choices, but I personally prefer Appended so I don’t have to reload as much. Death Adder burns through a lot of ammo quickly and I prefer to be able to take down multiple foes without needing to change magazines.

Our first perk column, you’ll want a roll with Feeding Frenzy to give you that increased reload speed. You can also use Dynamic Sway Reduction if you are fine slapping on some submachine reload mods, but this is more situational. As for your second perk, Dragonfly is absolutely the best in slot for the PVE god roll. This will only boost the Death Adder’s mob clearing ability, turning it into an absolute powerhouse against waves of red bar foes.

PVP God Roll

  • Hammer-Forged Rifling
  • Steady Rounds
  • Dynamic Sway Reduction
  • Rangefinder

If you are a PVP player then your roll is going to be a little different. With auto rifles dominating the meta we are going to want to give our Death Adder as much range and stability as possible. To achieve this, we are picking Hammer-Forged Rifling and Steady Rounds for our first two perks. These will give us a nice boost in range while making the weapon easier to control. Our first main perk is Dynamic Sway Reduction for even better control and we’re also slapping on Rangefinder to make up for Steady Rounds -5 to Range.

Altogether, these should give us a solid, reliable SMG that will be quite deadly in Crucible. However, you should only need to use this in activities where Power matters such as Iron Banner or Trials of Osiris. Otherwise, you are free to use The Recluse as much as you want!

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