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Destiny 2 Dead Man's Tale Guide - How to Get Random Rolls

Destiny 2’s Season of the Chosen is officially live, so grab your weapon of choice and get ready to face the Cabal horde. Revolving around stopping Emperor Calus’ daughter Caiatl from uniting the Cabal, players will need to take down various champions that are vying for a seat on her War Counsel. But who cares about all that, we’re here for the loot. To the surprise of some, a new secret exotic quest went live during the Weekly Reset. If you are just starting the quest for the first time, we have a guide that will walk you through each step. This article will be written under the assumption that you know how to beat the new Presage quest.

What really matters about this exotic is getting random rolls. Similar to Hawkmoon, players can farm this weapon to get a random perk which will either increase or decrease this scout rifle’s viability.

How to Get Random Rolls of Dead Man’s Tale

To get random rolls of Dead Man’s Tale, you will need to re-run this quest after you’ve beaten it. The first time you complete this mission you’ll be given an inferior version of this exotic. It won’t have any additional perks, so I strongly recommend running it again. Beating the quest a second time will reward you with a piece of Pinnacle gear along with a random roll of this firearm. You will also earn a piece of lore, so it’s definitely worth the effort if you want to learn more about what happened.

You can only run the mission once a week to get a random roll. This gives you one attempt a week to get the roll you want. Don’t worry, once you have a general idea of how to complete all the puzzles and encounters this mission goes by pretty quickly. If you really want to speed things up, consider bringing a fireteam to quickly slaughter all the Scorn and bosses.

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What’s New in Season of the Chosen?

What’s coming to Destiny 2 over the next three months? For starters, there’s a new seasonal activity called Battlegrounds and, thank the Traveler, it’s a three-player matchmade experience. No more roaming around in patrol hoping people show up to your party. There’s also a new area in the Tower called the Hub for Emergency Logistics and Maneuvers, or HELM. Basically, it’s your new area for coordinating Vanguard operations with the “War Table Seasonal vendor” who we thought was Zavala, but that probably can’t be the case.

You can also use the Prismatic Recaster here and decode your Umbral Engrams at the Umbral Decoder. In a new move, the help document also says players can manage their vault and get items from the Postmaster here! For those who like events, Trials of Osiris is back on February 12 with new armor sets and weapons to chase. Iron Banner is another routine staple and the Guardian Games will be hosted in late April. Will the Titans come out victorious once again?

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