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Destiny 2 Bright-Dusted Snowballs Recipe Guide – The Dawning 2021

The Dawning has returned to Destiny 2. While there are plenty of rewards to chase and new a quest line to complete, sometimes you just forget the basics, we aren’t all professional bakers after all. In this guide, we’re going to provide the recipe for some Bright-Dusted Snowball that you can give Tess in The Tower. This is one of the five new recipes available for players to uncover. So if you want to masterwork your oven, you better cook this treat right away!

Bright-Dusted Snowballs for Tess Everis

Mix one Chitin Powder and one Multifaceted Flavor and add 15 Essence of Dawning to make Bright-Dusted Snowball.

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How to Get The Dawning Ingredients

Since the event just started and there are certainly new ingredients we will be updating this list throughout the event. Currently, these are all of the known ingredients in The Dawning 2021.

The first ingredient is a random drop from certain enemy types.

  • Vex Milk: Kill Vex
  • Ether Cane: Kill Fallen
  • Cabal Oil: Kill Cabal
  • Chitin Powder: Kill Hive
  • Taken Butter: Kill Taken
  • Dark Ether Cane: Kill Scorn

The second ingredient is found by killing enemies in specific ways.

  • Delicious Explosion: Kills with grenades, rocket launchers, or grenade launchers
  • Sharp Flavor: Kills with swords
  • Impossible Heat: Kills with Solar damage
  • Electric Flavor: Kills with Arc damage
  • Null Taste: Kills with Void damage
  • Flash of Inspiration: Generate Orbs of Light
  • Personal Touch: Kills with melee
  • Perfect Taste: Kills with precision damage
  • Bullet Spray: Kills with submachine guns, light machine guns, or auto rifles
  • Pinch of Light: Pick up Orbs of Light.
  • Superb Texture: Super Kills
  • Multifaceted Flavors: Multi-Kills
  • Balanced Flavors: Kills with snipers, scout rifles, or bows

For this recipe, I recommend going to the Jetsam of Saturn on The Tangled Shore or Sorrow’s Harbor on the Moon to farm Hive. Another superb area to farm Hive is the opening area in the Grasp of Avarice dungeon. Your second ingredient is obtained by multi-kills, so use your favorite primary weapon to swiftly slay as many Hive as possible within a couple of seconds. I’ve also found swords, auto rifles, and wave-frame grenade launchers are the best for this. The third ingredient is called Essence of Dawning. Find it by completing just about any activity in the world, or by completing bounties for Eva. Finishing something like a Strike or a Gambit match will reward you upwards of 15 Essence of Dawning, which is what each recipe will need to complete.

Destiny 2 Classic Butter Cookies

What’s New In The Dawning 2021?

Unsurprisingly, there are a ton of new cosmetics for players to both earn and purchase during this event. Both Riskrunner and Anarchy are getting new, festive exotic ornaments which are always welcomed. Players can also complete a ten-step quest that has you baking goods for The Spider and Saint-14, but won’t require a ton of work on your end. Snowballs, previously a Tower exclusive gimmick, can now be found throughout various planets and used to pelt enemies. There is also a new armor ornament set per class along with various emotes, shaders, and Ghost projections. Players can also nab a new Stasis sword called the Zephyr, which you can earn by opening up Dawning packages.

Keep in mind that everything will be available for bright dust at some point except the two exotic ornaments and the Happy Trails finisher. Happy Dawning, Guardians!

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