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A Death of Nightmares – Destiny 2 Bone Collector & Deathbringer Exotic Guide

Snag an Exotic rocket launcher that rains dark death on your enemies in Destiny!

A Death of Nightmares is a new Destiny 2 Exotic quest that rewards the Deathbringer rocket launcher. It’s a fairly straightforward mission, too! However, it forces you to play through the entire new Shadowkeep campaign. That means it might take a little while (and a little grinding) to complete. It culminates with a mission that recommends 920 power. Considering how fast you level up in Shadowkeep, of course, that won’t take dedicated players too long! Now let’s get to work on the Death of Nightmares in Destiny 2 and find ourselves a Deathbringer.

To First Begin: Get the Necklace in Destiny 2

To begin this quest, you actually need to give Eris Morn a necklace you receive from the bounty “Lunar Spelunker.” It requires you to explore Lost Sectors on the Moon after the main campaign of Shadowkeep. That kicks off the Legendary quest “Memory of Sai Mota,” forcing you to kill Nightmares with Arc abilities. That will, in turn, charge the necklace and transform into a full-on Exotic quest — in this case the Death of Nightmares.

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Step 1: Faculties of the Skull – Visit the Circle of Bones

Eris will be send you to visit the Circle of Bones. Heed her advice!

“The Hive are a festering sickness. A living plague of bone and suffering. But there are methods through which their affliction may be turned against them.” —Eris Morn

Step 2: Tainted Lullaby – Return to Eris

You’ve found a Silent Skull. Take it back to Eris Morn.

“The skull is silent, but its hollowed bone hides secret knowledge. The channels etched within its hard palate and jaw were engraved over centuries by her terrible song, like water carving stone.” —Toland, the Shattered

Step 3: Marrow’s Elegy – Moon Objectives

Complete public events near the Hellmouth, the Lost Sector K1 Revelation in Sorrow’s Harbor, and kill a wandering Bone Collector on the Moon. The Bone Collector appears to regularly spawn in the Anchor of Light.

  • Festering Bone Collected: 1
  • Ritualistic Bone Collected: 1
  • Bone Collector’s Marrow Acquired: 1

Collect bones from public events near the Hellmouth, the Lost Sector K1 Revelation in Sorrow’s Harbor, and a wandering Bone Collector on the Moon.

“Gather wicked bone to serve as the conduit for your wretched symphony. Through the fetid marrow, new frequencies will be discovered—new horrors… And you… their willing conductor.” —Toland, the Shattered

Step 4: Thy Honored Conduction – Scarlet Keep Strike

Complete the Scarlet Keep strike and slay High Conductor, Sulmakta within.

“The Singers’ melody, sung through gnarled throat from cracked lung, is but a weapon like any other—nurtured by the will of a sinister witch. Sever the head of the High Conductor, whose temporal bone is a dark mirror of the Singers’ carved palate.” —Toland, the Shattered

Step 5: Of Darkest Harmony – Defeat Enemies

The next step is to kill 700 normal enemies, 110 elites and mini-bosses, plus 50 Guardians. Kills (or “screams” as the game calls them) on the Moon cause the step to progress more quickly.

“And with their screams, we shall map the language of pain and scrawl a new masterpiece—the vile sheet music of damnation, a strange, new song of bloodied ear, carved flesh, and shattered bone, so that their symphony of torment may be turned against them.” —Toland, the Shattered

Step 6: Choir of the Damned – Complete the Circle of Bones

Complete the Circle of Bones, defeating Aria and Deathsinger, Ir Airam along the way. Grab the skull and return to Eris.

“The wicked one who would see the Deathsingers’ Choir reborn has been heard in the depths. It is her song—unique in its sorrow—that will complete your mastery of symphonic arcana. Survive the Aria. Survive the depths and her wretched melody, and then collect one final instrument: the Singing Skull of Ir Airâm.” —Toland, the Shattered

Step 7: A Death of Nightmares – Quest Complete

That’s it! Return to Eris and claim your exotic weapon! It’s the Deathbringer Exotic rocket launcher. The weapon fires remote detonators that pop Void orbs all over enemies. The farther down the orbs fall, the more damage they do.

Bring the Singing Skull to Eris Morn to complete your terrifying new instrument of war.

“The skulls have been gathered, and the final instrument set to join your symphony… the eroded grooves upon their jaws, cheeks, and palates providing the secret frequencies of the hallowed Deathsong. Its mysteries are now ours to bind and enslave. Its power is now yours to inflict at will. You are choir and conductor. You are, as ever, death.” —Toland, the Shattered

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