We Tried Some of the Most Popular Overwatch Workshop Codes

The recently added Workshop feature in Overwatch has proven to be a hit with players. This tool allows for the creation and sharing of codes that change the rules of the game entirely. We previously provided examples of modes for aim practice and tools to hone abilities, but now Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan shared over 30 of the most popular custom games so far.

This is a short compilation of modes you absolutely must try out from that list.

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High Blood Pressure Marathon – Overwatch Workshop

The goal of High Blood Pressure Marathon is to get from one side of the map to the other, and the person with the most points after 15 minutes wins. The difficulty, however, is that heroes are random, movement speed is cut in half, ability cooldowns are off, and ultimates charge very quickly. When a player makes it to the goal, they respawn at the start with a new hero.

There is a limited pool of heroes, with the selection centered around those who cause knockback or slow their enemies down. Ana can sleep enemies infinitely, Roadhog can set himself up to pull opponents into pits, and Mei freezes her foes with the slightest touch of her weapon.

The pain of playing against those heroes is made all the better when you spawn with Tracer who has infinite uses of Blink, Hanzo who can fly over the map with infinite Lunge, and Sombra who can throw her Translocator across the map and into the goal thanks to reduced object physics.

While the name of the game may be off-putting, it has been nothing but laughs with the handful of groups I’ve played with.


Overwatch Hero Ana

“Tea” Mode – Overwatch Workshop

Teabagging or “tactical crouching” as some have come to call it, is controversial. It’s a form of playing mental mind games with a long history in FPS games. To some it’s hilarious, and to others it’s rude.

This mode makes teabagging a game.

Players are on two teams with only Ana, and the only ability she has is her Sleep Dart. Without weapons available, to kill opponents you must sleep them and then tactically crouch on top of them. The first team to 10 points wins the game.

Be aware that there is a bug or feature where teabagging will kill all enemies near your sleeping target, whether the others are asleep or not. This can lead to some amusing team kills.


Overwatch Hero Doomfist

Infinity Stones – Overwatch Workshop

Become Thanos and snap your enemies away.

Throughout Chateau Guillard of this free-for-all game are six Power Stones to collect. Each gives its holder special abilities such as increased speed, more damage, or health regeneration. Multiple stones may be held at once, and they are lost if killed.

Once a player holds all six Power Stones, their location is revealed on screen and other players have 30 seconds to kill that player before the “snap” occurs, killing everyone who isn’t Thanos and scoring a point for the victor. At that time all the stones reset and must be collected again.

Killing players without stones rewards nothing, so hunting those who have collected some should be a priority.


More to Go Around…

There are plenty more of these custom game modes to try out on Kaplan’s post. “Crossy Road” (1T630) seems at least partially inspired by the full game of the same name. You get to play in traffic! Then there’s “Cop and Thief” (YD66G) where Torbjorns try to put Anas in jail. “Battle Royale” (9YV2E) is well worth a look as well.

And those are all the Overwatch workshop levels we’d like to share for now! We’ll be sure to include more in future posts as we find more cool codes to share. Until then, have fun and take care out there!